Coach Benthings Shared That Pressure Is Holding TNC Pro Team Down

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Coach Benthings Shared That Pressure Is Holding TNC Pro Team Down



TNC Pro Team coach Benthings shared how pressure is holding the team down.
According to Gold Laner Yasuwo, the team is doing fine during scrim sessions but could not perform well in tournaments.
Coach Benthings remains hopeful for the team to bounce back in the upcoming matches before the MPL PH Season 13 Regular Season ends.

TNC Pro Team has faced formidable challenges during the ongoing Mobile Legends: Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 13 regular season. Despite a promising victory against Blacklist International in the second week, the team has since encountered a string of defeats, finding itself trapped in a disheartening losing streak.

In a recent media interview, TNC Pro Team’s coach, Ben "Benthings" Maglaque, shed light on the internal dynamics affecting the team's performance. He emphasized that the weight of expectations and external pressures may have contributed significantly to their struggles in the MPL PH Season 13 regular season.

Benthings expressed how one more win could motivate TNC Pro Team to get back on its feet

Despite a challenging losing streak, TNC Pro Team has demonstrated glimpses of potential throughout this season. However, a persistent Achilles' heel has plagued the team: their struggle to maintain leads during matches, allowing enemies to snatch victory from their grasp.

Coach Benthings addressed the team's predicament, acknowledging that while they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed, translating that proficiency into consistent match performances has proven elusive due to lingering confidence issues.

“What we lack in knowledge? I think we have more than enough. Maybe we just need one more win and we will never lose again,” he remarked. “I know the team’s potential, they just need confidence.”

Benthings expressed how one more win could motivate TNC Pro Team back on its feet


Benthings attributed their performance to the burden of pressure, noting that despite addressing and rectifying errors, the weight of expectations often stifles their full potential during crucial moments in matches.

“It’s 100% pressure because our error was already discussed last week and we have fixed it. But then, it happened again, you can see it in the comms (communications) between players, it’s very different,” explained Benthings.

Echoing his sentiments, Gola Laner Robee "Yasuwo" Pormocille highlighted the team's proficiency in practice sessions, where the absence of pressure fosters smoother communication and execution. 

“I think it’s really pressure because when it comes to scrims, we don’t feel pressured so it’s easier to do team comms,” Yasuwo shared.

Currently positioned in 7th place with just one victory and five defeats, TNC Pro Team faces an uphill battle as it prepares to square off against Omega Esports on 12th April at 4:00 PM (PHT).

All eyes will be on the Rising Phoenix as it strives to mount a comeback and secure a coveted playoff berth before the conclusion of the MPL PH Season 13 Regular Season.

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