TSM Ninja Explains Why SouL Omega Is Dangerous IGL


TSM Ninja Explains Why SouL Omega Is a "Dangerous" IGL

A captain that everyone fears?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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TSM Ninja is completely floored by the level of skill that SouL Omega possesses as an IGL.
When asked by one of his viewers, Ninja responded by stating that "Omega is a very dangerous IGL".

A great leader can make all the difference, paving a path of success for his team and enabling them to deliver their absolute best no matter the conditions they face. According to professional BGMI player, Shubham "Ninja" Ranjan Sahoo, star assault player for TSM, there seems to be a person who fits this description and more.

During a recent livestream session, Ninja was interacting with his viewers when one of them requested him to comment on Sahil "Omega" Jakhar, the shot caller for Team SouL in BGMI, who is highly regarded as one of the best players in his role.

TSM Ninja gives his opinion on SouL Omega: "He is a very dangerous IGL"

One of the pivotal roles in a team be it for a mobile battle royale or any other game is that of an IGL, the one who has control over the reins and shapes the overall gameplay of their team.

More often than not, players who take up this role are not as refined in the art of fragging because of all the efforts that they put into other aspects of the game. This is one of the reasons they do not come out as hero players for a side and are frequently overshadowed by other members of the team.

However, Omega is a whole different breed of an IGL with his refined gun play and high-level understanding of the game, a combination that was well put together by Ninja, "Omega is a very dangerous IGL. I will tell you why, he watches a lot of international matches and even studies them. Also, Omega is the kind of guy who provides his team with such a position that the other players just need to land their shots and take frags. That guy has lots of knowledge, literally a lot of brain."

This is not the first time that Omega has been praised for being one of the top IGL players in the country, with many even considering him to be the best in the scene.

Yes, his antics in a proper tournament setting are dearly being missed by many with BGMI facing a ban in the country, but he does continue to enthrall us with his livestreams and maybe we will even get to see him compete in New State Mobile soon.

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