Omega Reveals Why He Left Chemin Esports and Joined Team SouL


Omega Explains Why he Left Chemin Esports for Team SouL

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Team SouL’s in-game leader (IGL), Sahil “Omega” Jakhar, recently revealed why he left Chemin Esports and joined Team SouL.
He explained there were differences between himself and his former teammates, which led to his decision to leave Chemin Esports.
Furthermore, he stressed that he did not leave Chemin Esports because he had an offer from Team SouL to join its roster.

Team SouL’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in-game leader (IGL), Sahil “Omega” Jakhar, recently revealed the reason behind leaving Chemin Esports and joining Team SouL. He had previously had discussions with Team SouL while still a part of Chemin Esports but chose to stay with his established lineup. However, after playing one official tournament with Chemin Esports and facing an early elimination, certain things happened within the team that led to Omega's decision to leave. He emphasized that he did not leave Chemin Esports to join Team SouL, but rather left the team and later received an offer.

Omega claims he left Chemin Esports due to differences with team, not to join Team SouL

In a recent livestream, Omega revealed that he had already had multiple discussions with Team SouL while he was still a part of Chemin Esports. Despite having the opportunity to play with Team SouL, he chose to remain with his existing team as he wanted to continue playing with his established lineup. “At that time, I said I wanted to stick and play with my prevailing lineup (Chemin Esports). That time it didn’t matter much to me if I represented Team SouL or any other organization as I was playing with my lineup,” he said. 

Omega played one official tournament with Chemin Esports, Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021: The Grind, but could only manage a 22nd place and thus did not even make it to the finals of the tournament. “I played one tournament with that lineup, but we got eliminated. Then, some certain things happened that shouldn’t have happened.” He added, “Some players said one thing and did something else. And I have a problem with such things. Either you should not say such things, or if you say those things, then fulfill them. Those things did not happen; that’s the reason why I left Chemin Esports,” he said.

Following this, Omega stressed that he did not leave Chemin Esports because he wanted to join Team SouL. “I did not leave Chemin Esports because I got an offer from Team SouL, no. I got a call from Aman after I left Chemin Esports. Even then, I had a condition that I would build a team by my choice,” he said.

The addition of Omega improved Team SouL significantly, with the team going on to win the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1 and securing an 11th place finish in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022.

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