TSM Wins Esportswala BGMI Invitational Showdown Season 1


TSM Crowned as Champion of Esportswala BGMI Invitational Showdown Season 1

It seems to be becoming a habit now, of course a good one!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The Esportswala BGMI Invitational Showdown Season 1 has concluded with TSM being crowned as the champion.
TSM scored a total of 157 points which included 76 finish points and 81 placement points.
A total of 30 teams were invited for this tournament which took place from 27th to 31st January.

The absence of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has not stopped the local organizers from hosting events for the currently banned mobile battle royale. One of the most recent competitions to take place for the title was the Esportswala BGMI Invitational Showdown Season 1, featuring 30 of the best teams from across the country.

Once again it was TSM who fought hard to be crowned as the champion, accumulating a total of 157 points, divided between 76 finish points and 81 placement points, along with wins in five matches.

TSM, Global Esports, and Team VST secure the top three positions at the Esportswala BGMI Invitational Showdown Season 1

Another exciting BGMI tournament came to an end after five days of intense action took place between 30 direct invites from 27th to 31st January. The event was divided into two stages, League Stage and Grand Finals, all participants fighting hard to claim the top spot.

After three days of action only the top 21, out of the 30 competing teams that started out in the League Stage, made it through to the Grand Finals for the final two days of the tournament.

Esportswala BGMI Invitational Showdown Season 1 Grand Finals - Qualified Teams

Over the course of the next two days, teams gave it their absolute best in a bid to be crowned as the champion, a tight battle ensuing between the top two teams, TSM and Global Esports.

Team VST also tried to contest for a top finish but despite securing wins in three matches, it failed to show consistency and had to suffice for a third-place finish. Meanwhile, the other two teams shifted gears and exchanged blows. TSM managed to cross the finish line first with a difference of just 12 points.

Despite BGMI still being banned by the Indian government, its popularity has not died and teams are still actively engaging in tournaments and scrim sessions, patiently awaiting its return.

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