TSM India’s BGMI Players Evaluate BGMI Assaulters

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TSM India’s BGMI Players Evaluate BGMI Assaulters


In a recent video, TSM India’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players, NinjaJOD, Blaze, AquaNox, and coach Mayavi recently rated six Indian BGMI assaulters.
The six assaulters included the following players: Troye, Punkk, NakuL, SPower, AKOP, and JONATHAN.

TSM India’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players, Shubham “NinjaJOD” Ranjan Sahoo, Hamza “Blaze” Khozema Hyderabadwala, Harsh “AquaNox” Rao, and coach Shubham “Mayavi” Chawla recently rated six Indian BGMI assaulters. The six assaulters included the following players: Shiven “Troye” Pawar, Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh, Nakul “NakuL” Sharma, Rudra “SPower” B, Ankit “AKOP” Shukla, and Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral.

An assaulter is generally the one who rushes the opponent and stays on the front line. It is the one who usually comes in first contact with the opponent team. Assaulters need to have incredible aim, hip-fire, as well as Aim Down Sight (ADS) precision and should be confident in close-range encounters. It is a crucial and decisive role, and the team’s victory more or less depends on their performance.

TSM India’s BGMI players place JONATHAN and Punkk in S-Tier 

TSM India’s NinjaJOD, Blaze, AquaNox, and Mayavi recently appeared in a YouTube video by TSM India. In this video, the players and the coach rated BGMI assaulters in the country. The assaulters were placed on a scale starting from S followed by A, B, and C, with S being the highest level and C being the lowest. Following are the thoughts of NinjaJOD, Blaze, AquaNox, and Mayavi and their ratings for Indian BGMI assaulters.

Shiven “Troye” Pawar

NinjaJOD - A Tier

NinjaJOD evaluated Troye and placed him in the A tier. NinjaJOD cited Troye’s recent entry into esports and his demonstration of skill. He specifically referenced a clutch moment against GodLike Esports in a 1v4 situation. NinjaJOD was impressed with Troye’s ability to manage the situation alone, expressing admiration for his assaulting skills and game sense. NinjaJOD concluded his evaluation by expressing hope that Troye will become a future superstar in the world of esports.

Blaze - B Tier

Blaze placed Troye in the B tier. Blaze acknowledged Troye’s current performance but noted that he does not have many achievements yet. Blaze acknowledged that Troye has recently risen in the world of esports but stated that he would need to prove himself further in order to be considered among the top fraggers.

AquaNox - B Tier 

AquaNox agreed with Blaze’s assessment of Troye. AquaNox noted that Troye has recently entered the esports scene and acknowledged that not all players perform consistently throughout the year, with some potentially choking in the future. Based on these factors, AquaNox also placed Troye in the B tier. 

Mayavi - B Tier

Mayavi also agreed with Blaze’s assessment of Troye. Mayavi noted that Troye has not yet played in any official tournaments, which is an important factor. Mayavi also mentioned that they had not seen Troye’s team, Entity Gaming, participating in any official tournaments.

Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh

NinjaJOD - S Tier

NinjaJOD  evaluated Punkk and placed him in the S-Tier. NinjaJOD expressed his admiration for Punkk and expressed his fandom, which was established when he saw Punkk using a suppressed M416. He was impressed with Punkk’s solo clutch skills, admiring how he clutched without panicking. He also expressed that they learnt a lot from Punkk’s play style and techniques. 

Blaze - S Tier

Blaze placed Punkk in the S-Tier. Having watched him since his last ban, Blaze noted Punkk’s dedication to the game and also cited his consistent livestreaming and grinding habits. He also mentioned Punkk’s journey from Team Mayhem to Team XO, his clutch performances in every tournament he has played in, and also his consistency in appearing on the top fraggers list. 

AquaNox - S Tier

AquaNox placed Punkk in the S-Tier. AquaNox noted that Punkk is a calm and composed player who has a clear understanding of the right moves to make at critical moments. AquaNox also noted that Punkk is highly experienced and an “OP” (overpowered) player.

Mayavi - S

Mayavi also placed Punkk in the S-Tier. He also recognized Punkk as the best finisher among the players evaluated. He agreed with Blaze’s assessment that Punkk had demonstrated strong clutch skills during his ban period.

Nakul "NakuL" Sharma

NinjaJOD - S Tier

NinjaJOD placed NakuL in the S-Tier. He declared NakuL the best assaulter in the country and noted NakuL’s successful performance in BGMI Masters Series, a LAN tournament where he won and consistently ranked as one of the top fraggers. NinjaJOD also mentioned that Global Esports, NakuL’s team, is known for their aggressive play style and shared that he has personal experience playing with NakuL, which allowed him to understand NakuL’s play style. 

Blaze - A Tier

Blaze named NakuL as a top assaulter in the Indian BGMI scene but placed him in the A Tier. He believed that NakuL needed to convert his current form into achievements in official tournaments in order to move up to a higher tier.

AquaNox - B Tier

AquaNox placed NakuL in B Tier as he is new to the BGMI esports scene. He highlighted that NakuL had also won a LAN tournament, BGMI Masters Series. He jokingly added, “But don’t forget we are also here, so I would place him in B. We won’t let him rise to the top.”

Mayavi - S

Mayavi highly rated NakuL and said he would place him in a tier above S if one existed. He recognized NakuL’s potential and considered him a top-tier player. However, Mayavi also questions how long NakuL would maintain his peak performance.

Rudra “Spower” B

NinjaJOD - A Tier

NinjaJOD placed SPower as A Tier due to the young player’s lack of official tournament experience and proof of skill. However, SPower is known for his fast gameplay and clutch skills in unofficial tournaments, leading NinjaJOD to believe that the player has the potential to become a future star. 

Blaze - S

Blaze rated SPower as an S-tier player despite his young age and lack of official tournament experience. Blaze believed SPower’s fast gameplay and clutch skills demonstrate his potential to be a future star in official tournaments.

AquaNox - B

AquaNox placed SPower in B Tier, recognizing his youth and fearless gameplay. Despite being impatient, AquaNox believed that SPower has the potential to become the best player once he reaches the official age to compete in official tournaments.

Mayavi - B

Mayavi agreed with AquaNox’s assessment of SPower as a player. Mayavi acknowledged that SPower is a good player who displays fearlessness in his gameplay but has room for improvement in terms of impatience. Mayavi believed that as SPower matures, he will be able to enhance his gameplay.

Ankit "AKOP" Shukla

NinjaJOD - C

NinjaJOD placed AKOP in C Tier, stating that he felt the player was overrated. NinjaJOD believed that while AKOP plays well, he has not yet proven himself to a great degree.

Blaze - C

Blaze placed AKOP in C Tier, echoing NinjaJOD’s statement that he is overrated. Blaze believed that AKOP has not top fragged in official tournaments and has not yet shown an outstanding performance. Blaze’s opinion aligned with NinjaJOD’s view that AKOP has not yet proven himself much.

AquaNox - C

AquaNox placed AKOP in C Tier, stating that he felt the “OP” in his name is yet to be justified. AquaNox believed that he was a good player but hadn't seen an outstanding performance yet and hoped to see better results in the future.

Mayavi - B

Mayavi rated AKOP in B Tier, as the player hasn’t shown extraordinary performances in official and LAN tournaments. He added that despite AKOP’S team performing well in the BGMI Masters Series, his performance wasn’t outstanding.

Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral

NinjaJOD - S

NinjaJOD stated that Jonathan is highly regarded by many as one of the best players in the Indian BGMI scene. According to NinjaJOD, his reputation as a top fragger in tournaments and his consistency as a player have earned him a place in the coveted S Tier. NinjaJOD added that Jonathan is everyone’s favorite and is considered to be one of the most consistent players in India.

Blaze - S

Blaze placed JONATHAN in the S tier and acknowledged his consistent performance in every tournament, making him one of the top fraggers. Blaze recognized JONATHAN’s talent and hard work, which allowed him to maintain his high level of play for a long time. Blaze noted that while reaching the top may be easy, maintaining that position is challenging and acknowledged that JONATHAN is a well-known and respected player within the gaming community.

AquaNox - S

AquaNox placed JONATHAN in S Tier, comparing him to the legendary footballer Messi. This shows the high level of respect and admiration AquaNox has for JONATHAN’s skill and performance in BGMI tournaments. He added that no further explanation is needed as JONATHAN’s status as one of the top players in India is widely known.

Mayavi - S

Mayavi named JONATHAN as one of the best players in the BGMI gaming community. He considered JONATHAN a player who has maintained a high level of consistency throughout his gaming journey. He added that JONATHAN has been among the top 5 fraggers even in the worst tournaments. Mayavi viewed JONATHAN’s consistency as unmatched globally, making JONATHAN the best in the business. He placed JONATHAN in the S Tier.

The recent video only covered six Indian BGMI assaulters. Notably, it was the first part of the video, and another part is expected to launch soon.

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