TSM FTX Announce New BGMI Lineup


TSM FTX Announces New BGMI Lineup

TSM FTX has come forward to announce their new BGMI roster.

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TSM FTX announces new BGMI roster a week after parting ways with their former star studded lineup.
The new BGMI lineup consists of the following players - Shadow, Aquanox, Blaze, and Ninja.
Though TSM FTX has not confirmed it yet, the lineup is expected to participate in the upcoming BGMI Series 2021.

TSM FTX just a week after parting ways with its former Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) lineup, has come forward to announce their new roster ahead of the BGMI Series 2021 on 30th July. The new BGMI team consists of Shadow, Aquanox, Blaze, and Ninja. The players are experienced PUBG Mobile esports veterans and had played in several top tier tournaments under various teams before the game was banned. The team has been announced just ahead of the last date of registration for the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021. Though it has not been officially mentioned by the organization we can expect this lineup to compete at the first official BGMI esports tournament.

TSM FTX Signs New BGMI Roster

TSM India has finally stepped forth with their new BGMI team after parting ways with their previous star studded lineup that consisted of JONATHAN, GHATAK, Neyoo, ZGOD, and ClutchGod. Their new signings might not be popular as personalities but they have represented different teams at top national level tournaments previously.

The TSM FTX BGMI lineup is as follows,




Ninja - Entry Fragger

The fans of the organization along with the Indian mobile gaming community in general, had a very mixed reaction to this announcement. However, the more optimistic side of the TSM India fanbase was satisfied that the organization had trusted a bunch of talented, upcoming players that had both experience and expertise to go up against some of the other popular lineups.

This lineup is expected to represent TSM FTX at the upcoming BGMI Series 2021 though no official announcement has been made by the organization so far.

We’re incredibly excited to introduce to you all today our newest BGMI roster. We can’t wait to achieve greatness with our new team. Please give a warm welcome to the team
TSM FTX Announcement

TSM FTX' former PUBG Mobile lineup was one of the best teams in India. They had proved themselves time and again to be a top team even when it comes to international tournaments, operating under the TSM India banner for more than 16 months since being signed on 6th March 2020.

The new team might be not as accomplished as the previous lineup but they sure have the experience, different players having played for teams over the years.

The upcoming tournament will be a real test for this lineup as they represent a big organization like TSM FTX. All eyes will be on them and it will be interesting to see how they perform.

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