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TSM FTX India Free Fire Roster Officially Announced

Abhimannu Das
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TSM FTX India will be competing in Free Fire with the former Sixth Sense roster.
TSM CEO Andy Dinh expressed interest in expanding to mobile esports earlier this month.
Dinh expects mobile esports to overtake PC esports in terms of viewership within the next five years.

TSM FTX just announced its Indian Free Fire roster which will be competing in national and international events under the organization. The roster includes former Sixth Sense players whose recent success in 2021 include coming in fourth at the spring season of the Free Fire India Championship earlier this year in March 2021 and winning the Free Fire Tri-Series in April 2021. Earlier this month, TSM FTX CEO Andy Dinh had Tweeted that his organization was looking to expand into mobile esports stating that mobile esports will have more viewers than PC esports within the next five years.

TSM FTX Free Fire Roster

TSM FTX is the first time that the NA giants are stepping into the Free Fire esports scene. “We've loved competing in the region of India, the fans have been incredible in support, and we wanted to further cement ourselves in the region by signing another esports roster,” read TSM FTX's announcement.

The new TSM FTX roster features:

  • TSM FTX Iluminati- Sagar Patel

  • TSM FTX MrJayyt- Jayesh Yadav

  • TSM FTX Old Monk- Naitik Khoshto

  • TSM FTX Indro- Indranil Saha

  • TSM FTX Stoner- Titas Roy

TSM FTX will seek to capitalize on the popularity of the game in the county and the success of the former Sixth Sense roster which has put on commendable performances at the Free Fire India Championship and the Free Fire Tri-Series earlier this year. The team will be competing in the upcoming $50,000 Free Fire Pro League 2021 under the TSM FTX banner.

TSM FTX is interested in expanding into mobile esports

TSM FTX CEO Andy Dinh recently tweeted out that mobile esports will have more viewers than PC within the next five years. He received a response from the head of YouTube Gaming Ryan Wyatt who replied that in some cases mobile esports has already taken over PC esports citing India’s mobile esports presence. Dinh responded stating that he is looking to explore possibilities.

The Free Fire esports scene in India is booming with the Free Fire Continental Series Asia 2020 raking in over 1.5 million peak viewers in its Hindi stream. Similarly, the Free Fire World Series 2021 drawing in 1.9 million peak viewers in its Hindi stream which broke all records for the highest ever peak viewership for any single stream or language in Free Fire.

TSM FTX will be looking to take advantage of the game’s popularity in the country and help its newly signed roster expand on its success.

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