TikTok Natan by ChooxTV Gets Mentioned as a Viable Strategy in MPL ID Season 10


TikTok Natan by ChooxTV Mentioned as a Viable Strategy in MPL ID Season 10

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The TikTok Natan strategy was mentioned by Mirko as a viable strategy worth considering during the match between Rebellion Zion and Aura Fire.
TikTok Natan was popularized by the Philippines streamer ChooxTV.
ChooxTV is one of the most popular streamers in the Philippines, known for his unorthodox strategies.

Unorthodox strategies by the popular Philippines (PH) streamer and influencer Edgar "ChooxTV" Dumali have slowly been recognized by other regions. During the third week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 10, one of the casters Frederick "Mirko" Loho mentioned the “TikTok Natan” meta which was pioneered by ChooxTV himself. This strategy revolves around the hero using his ultimate ability to swiftly take down a turret or Nexus without the help of ally minions. The PH streamer is also widely known for introducing a ton of unorthodox META strategies that surprisingly work and are even being practiced in the MLBB esports scene.

Mirko talked about the unorthodox TikTok Natan strategy popularized by ChooxTV

ChooxTV is one of the most iconic personalities in the PH MLBB community due to his humorous way of enjoying the game. Some seek his content only for entertainment, but some of his tactics have actually proven effective in the pro scene.

In the third week of the MPL ID Season 10, during a match between Rebellion Zion and Aura Fire, Mirko mentioned a META strategy revolving around Natan which involved split pushing without the help of minions.

Natan was being played by Jehuda "H i g h" Sumual in Aura Fire. The team was severely overwhelmed by Rebellion Zion’s map control. However, according to Mirko, the team still had a chance at making a comeback if they had pulled off a good split push using the TikTok Natan strategy.

If you guys, you know, go on TikTok or anywhere, you should have seen this kind of META. The Natan using Entropy [Ultimate Ability] to clear out the lane and clear out the turrets without minions,” Mirko explained.

In the end, Aura Fire could not pull off the TikTok Natan strategy as Rebellion Zion closed the series with a 2-1 victory.

The TikTok Natan was popularized by ChooxTV and has been one of the surprisingly effective strategies outside the professional scene.

ChooxTV is also one of the first players to explore a few of the widely used strategies in the MLBB esports scene such as the Tank Karina, the Feeding Diggie, and many more. He recently joined ONIC PH but was shortly removed. This resulted in a penalty for the esports organization as it was in violation of the MPL rule, which prohibits teams from releasing members amidst a league season.

It will be interesting to see which other unorthodox strategies shape the meta of MLBB esports in the future.

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