The Valley’s Mielow Says He Will Sweep Blacklist International in M4 World Championship


The Valley’s Mielow Says He Will Sweep Blacklist International in M4 World Championship

John Dave Rossel
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The Valley's 6th Man Mielow claims that he will sweep Blacklist International.
Mielow shared some of his team's "secret strategies" to counter blacklist international.
Mielow claims that he is The Valley's "Secret Weapon Fanny Godz."

The Valley’s 6th man (EXP Laner) Mielow shared some interesting statements for the defending champion of the M4 World Championship, Blacklist International. The pro player revealed a few of their drafting ideas against the Codebreakers during a livestream. Mielow also claims that The Valley has figured out Blacklist International’s weakness and that when executed the Filipino juggernaut will struggle against the hero Fanny. The pro player also declared that he will sweep the Codebreakers and that a lot of the participants in the M4 World Championship are “noobs.” Given Mielow’s attitude of being energetic and being a troll, these statements may have been put forth to just build up hype for the upcoming tournament.

Mielow reveals The Valley’s “secret weapon”

The North American (NA) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) squad has found itself an interesting pro player. Through a livestream, the team’s substitute player, Mielow explained how they will exploit Blacklist International’s weakness.

“We actually have a plan. Like, we pick Esme[ralda] early game [and] Wanwan then I will use Fanny against Blacklist,” stated Mielow.

He added that Blacklist International has problems with its sustain if matched against burst assassins.

“That’s just one of our secrets, they will switch me and Chikn [Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl] and they thought I would play EXP [Lane],” said Mielow.

The 6th man further explained that the drafting would result in him being the jungler with a Fanny pick instead of its team captain Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun and this would catch Blacklist International off guard.

“That’s an auto-win one game then next game I’ll play Ling, next game Lancelot and they will call me Miel-Tusok,” stated Mielow.

“Miel-tusok is” a reference to ECHO’s Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno who specialized in assassin heroes such as Lancelot. Fans call him Karl-tusok as the word “Tusok” means poke or puncture in English, something Lancelot does a lot with his abilities.

The Valley’s 6th man was not done with his interesting statements as he also made comments about ECHO’s star players KarlTzy and Tristan "YAWI" Cabrea.

“I forgot, KarlTzy will be there too. Maybe we’re gonna have a seminar on how to use Lance[lot]. Or maybe I can teach Yawi how to play Chou,” said Mielow.

The pro player added that he “has a lot of players to teach in M4 because all of them are noobs.”

He ended his statement by saying that he will “sweep Blacklist International” and that he is The Valley’s “secret weapon Fanny Godz.”

It is important to note that Mielow likes to joke around with his overly exaggerated statements on livestreams. Fans shouldn’t take his comments negatively as he is only trying to build up hype and entertain the fans.

With that said, it will still be an interesting story to follow and see how The Valley fares against Blacklist International in the M4 World Championship.

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