The Valley Proves Doubters Wrong With a Win Against S11 in M4 World Championship


The Valley Proves Doubters Wrong With a Win Against S11 in M4 World Championship

John Dave Rossel
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The Valley secured a massive victory over S11 Gaming Argentina in the M4 World Championship group stage.
The Valley scored 12 kills while S11 only had 3 kills in the match.
The Valley will face Team HAQ in its next match on 4th January.

One of the highly anticipated matches in the group stage, The Valley versus S11 Gaming Argentina has concluded on the second day of the M4 World Championship group stage. The North American (NA) squad opted for a well-balanced lineup with three tanks, a crowd control-focused mage, and a massive damage burst marksman. S11 Gaming Argentina chose their best picks comprised of very agile heroes. The Valley secured its hard-earned victory by a large margin with 12 kills while the Argentinian squad could only secure three kills. 

The Valley dominated S11 Gaming Argentina

The Valley opted for a durable lineup with Akai, Thamuz, and Lolita along with Karrie for the burst damage and Yve for crowd control. S11 Gaming Argentina drafted its best picks like Hayabusa along with the staple meta picks like Xavier, Beatrix, Fredrinn, and Chou. 

The Valley started strong with a Turtle secure by Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun at the 3-minute mark. This continued at the 5-minute and 7-minute mark with constant pressure and Turtle secures from the NA squad, pushing S11 Gaming Argentina into a bad situation in the early game. 

The Valley managed to secure the 9-minute lord and take a 9-1 kill lead. The Argentinian squad was down to its three remaining inner base turrets with a massive gold disadvantage. With a massive lead in all resources, the NA squad went all out at the 11-minute mark and opened up the EXP lane, pushing S11 to go on the defensive with little chance of recovery. 

With another Lord secured, The Valley headed straight to the Nexus at the 14-minute mark and closed the match with a massive victory against S11 Gaming Argentina. The match concluded with 12 kills from the NA representative and only 3 kills from the Argentina team.

The Valley won against S11 Gaming Argentina

The Valley will face Team HAQ on 4th January 2023 before the score is finalized on who secures the upper bracket and who will head down to the lower bracket of the Knockout Stage of the M4 World Championship.

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