RSG SG Takes Down Occupy Thrones in the M4 World Championship Group Stage


RSG SG Takes Down Occupy Thrones in the M4 World Championship Group Stage

John Dave Rossel
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RSG SG won against Occupy Thrones in the M4 World Championship group stage.
RSG SG opted for a durable lineup while Occupy Thrones chose to draft a crowd control focused lineup.
RSG SG will face ECHO next in the group stage.

The second day of the M4 World Championship group stage opened with a match between RSG Singapore (SG) and Occupy Thrones. Both squads showed their best performance in a Bo1 match with the Singaporean representatives choosing a tanky lineup and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) squad going crowd control. The match resulted in RSG Singapore winning and is now a step closer to the upper bracket Knockout Stage. Occupy Thrones will have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to win its next match.

RSG SG secures M4 World Championship upper bracket

RSG SG opted for a durable pick with Fredrinn and Lolita along with team fight-controlling heroes like Yve. The squad drafted Claude and Martis as their final picks. Occupy Thrones countered with a damage-focused lineup with Chou, Beatrix, and Xavier along with Akai and Kadita for potential surprise attacks. While RSG had a solid lineup, Occupy Thrones’ lineup was more late-game map control.

RSG SG dominated the early game with three kills at the 3-minute mark and a turtle secure. The pressure on Occupy Thrones continued with RSG SG securing the second turtle at the 5-minute mark. The MENA representatives struggled to win teamfights with Brayden "BRAYYY" Teo and Yeo "Diablo" Lun taking the frontline with their very durable heroes. At the 12-minute mark, RSG SG  was ahead with 10 kills and a 9k gold lead, and all turrets were still standing.

RSG SG tried to close the game at the 15-minute mark with BRAYYY overextending, which cost him his life, forcing the Singaporean squad to back away. This gave Occupy Thrones a bit of a breather and room for a potential comeback.

With another Lord secured, RSG SG tried to close the game one more time at the 18-minute mark. The MENA squad was able to hold its ground despite losing two of its inner base turrets. However, Occupy Thrones couldn’t convert these chances into a major comeback leading RSG SG to take another Lord at the 21-minute mark, after which the team ran it down to close the match with a victory.

RSG SG wins match against Occupy Thrones

RSG SG will be facing ECHO on 4th January 2023 as both squads continue to compete for the upper bracket slot in the M4 World championship.

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