The Grind Wins Upthrust Esports New State Mobile Survivors Throne Season 3


The Grind Wins New State Mobile Survivors Throne Season 3, Hector Named MVP

A new champion claims the throne!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The Grind has been crowned as champions of the Upthrust Esports New State Mobile Survivors Throne Season 3.
The Grind accumulated a total of 194 points in the Grand Final stage, which included 81 placement points and 113 finishes.
Hector from The Grind was named as the MVP of this tournament for securing a total of 40 finishes in the Grand Final stage.

The craze of New State Mobile is slowly taking over the mobile gaming community in India, with new teams and players entering competitions to prove their skills. This is an exciting phase as each tournament crowns a new champion and organizations constantly shuffle their rosters to lock the perfect team for the long run.

Paving a path for themselves through this chaos, The Grind has managed to lift the trophy by becoming the champions of Upthrust Esports New State Mobile Survivors Throne Season 3.

The tournament witnessed powerful performances, once again GodLike Esports missing the trophy by a hair's breadth and proving that they are one of the best in the scene with their unmatched consistency.

The Grind is crowned the champions of Upthrust Esports New State Mobile Survivors Throne Season 3

It is not easy to come together as a unit right before the start of a tournament and then go on to dominate all the other teams. That is exactly what The Grind did, of course with a bit of extra flair and a lot of confidence in their abilities.

Four players, Sohail "Hector" Shaikh, Akshat "AkshaT" Goel, Harshit "MJ" Mahajan, and Deepak "SENSEI" Negi, came together under the banner of The Grind just before the Upthrust Esports Survivors Throne Season 3 and have already gone on to establish themselves as one of the top teams by winning this tournament.

The Grind scored a total of 194 points, including 81 placement points and 113 finishes, resulting in them taking the top spot with a difference of 17 points separating them from the second-placed GodLike Esports.

Upthrust Esports New State Mobile Survivors Throne Season 3 - Top Fraggers

Even on an individual level, players from The Grind especially Hector and MJ were on point with their aim and overall gameplay skills, contributing 70 finishes for the side which is about 62% of all the frags taken by the team.

Between the two players, it was Hector who proved once again why he is one of the best when it comes to mobile battle royales, walking away as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of this tournament with a total of 40 frags.

With the constantly changing scenario regarding the competitive New State Mobile scene in the country. It will not be an easy task for The Grind to continue winning tournaments.

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