Hector Talks About Future In New State Mobile And BGMI


Hector Talks About His Future Regarding New State Mobile and BGMI

Pressure to come back, but a desire to compete.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream, Hector gave an update on when he might be returning to BGMI.
He also spoke about his current status regarding which team he plans on playing New State Mobile with in the coming tournaments.
Hector mentioned that he has started getting a good grasp of the gameplay and needs to grind New State Mobile a bit more to improve himself.

New State Mobile has witnessed a sudden burst of acceptance within the Indian esports scene with organizations, players, and talents considering a switch over to the trending battle royale title within the country.

This has resulted in some players facing a lot of pressure from their fans and community members, one of them being the professional BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) player, Sohail "Hector" Shaikh, who has currently taken a break from the banned title to compete in New State Mobile.

During a recent livestream, the 20-year-old spoke about his future in both the mobile battle royale titles where he feels crunched between a desire to compete professionally and a call by his fans to come back.

Hector shares his current state of mind with regards to both BGMI and New State Mobile

It is tough being a professional player because your fans start to expect things from you that are borderline unreasonable at times, a prime example being the increased demand for professional BGMI players to continue sticking with the game despite its absence from India.

Responding on a similar topic while interacting with his viewers during a recent livestream session, Hector stated that he has taken a break from BGMI and is competing in a couple of New State Mobile tournaments, after which he might return back.

He went on to provide a bit of an update regarding his New State Mobile team saying "Right now I have prepared a team along with MJ (Harshit Mahajan), AkshaT (Akshat Goel), and SENSEI (Deepak Negi) called The Grind, but nothing is fixed so I am not going to speak about this in detail. In the coming time you will automatically get to know everything about this as I will provide the updates."

Note: The related section starts from 01:52 onwards.

Apart from this, Hector also gave his insight on the recently concluded Snapdragon Pro Series New State Mobile India Open which took place on LAN, saying that his experience was terrific with a lot of things happening during the event.

He is currently enjoying the mobile battle royale, having achieved a good understanding of the gameplay, while adding that he needs to grind the game a bit more to fine-tune certain skills.

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