Team Soul’s Former Coach Talks About Squad's Performance at BMPS 2023

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Team Soul BGMI


Team Soul’s former coach revealed why the team was unable to put forth consistent performances in BMPS 2023 .
He also said that the team made a comeback on Day 3 of the Grand Finals but could not grab the podium finish due to their performance in one of the maps.

The recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 event was one of the toughest BGMI competitions in recent times. Some of the experienced teams found it difficult to counter upcoming teams and their strategies, and were unable to qualify for the event’s Grand Finals.

In a recent interview, Amit “Amit” Dubey, the former coach of Team Soul, revealed what was lacking in Team Soul. Although it was able to dominate the league stages the team failed to put forth consistent performances in the Grand Finals LAN event.

Team Soul’s former coach talks about what was lacking in Team Soul in the BMPS 2023 event 

In an exclusive interview with AFK Gaming, Team Soul’s former coach, Amit, revealed some details about what was missing in Team Soul and why the team was unable to perform consistently. 

Talking about Team Soul’s performance in The BMPS 2023 Grand Finals, Amit said, “We were serious about our performance and had planned that the way we played on Day 3 was the way we were supposed to play from Day 1 onwards. Day 1 was not the one for us as we choked a lot and were not able to perform and it was disappointing not only for us but also for the fans. At the start of Day 3 we were placed at the 12th position and decided that we have to grab as many points as possible. We thought that we should go all out and forget about the first two days' performance, and we performed decently and were hoping for the 3rd spot, but we choked in one of the games and had to settle for the fifth position.”

Team Soul was one of the most dominant teams in the league stage of BMPS 2023 and fans were expecting the team to continue the same in the Grand Finals but it was unable to do so and was placed 13th after Day 1 and 12th after Day 2. On Day 3 of the event Team Soul grabbed two chicken dinners and climbed the overall points table but it was not enough for the team to secure a podium finish. After the conclusion of BMPS 2023 Amit was also let go from the coaching position on 19th December.

Fans are expecting changes in the team for the 2024 season as Team Soul has not been able to put forth consistent performances in 2023. The team has already let go of the coach, regarding what more changes are on the horizon, only time will tell.

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