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BGMI 3.0 Update: Release Date and Features

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The 3.0 update in BGMI will have significant changes made to the classic mode and will have many new features introduced.
Katana or Machete sword weapon, Glider, bullet penetration and a healing update are some of the new features introduced in the 3.0 update.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) introduces a major update every two months. Each update is based on a certain theme with significant changes being made to classic mode and new features being introduced. The 2.9 update in BGMI was recently released with the winter theme named Frozen Kingdom mode. It brought many winter themed events, modes and rewards including the fan favorite M416 and AKM Glacier skin lines through a special Winter crate which is available for a limited time. Fans are already waiting for some leaks regarding the next 3.0 update. The new 3.0 update in BGMI is expected to release in the last week of January 2024. In this article we will talk about the next major update in BGMI which is the 3.0 update and the changes and new features it has to offer.

BGMI 3.0 update and features revealed

According to leaks by a Youtuber named LuckMan, the 3.0 update in BGMI will go through some significant changes. The new 3.0 update in BGMI is expected to release in last week of January 2024. One of the best features in the new update is the introduction of the new Katana or Machete sword weapon which not only can be used to finish enemies but also to block or deflect bullets fired by the enemies. The new update will also feature the all new A5 Royale Pass which will yet again have a female 100 RP outfit.


These are some of the features in the new BGMI 3.0 update:

  • Katana or Machete Sword.

  • Healing update (driver of the vehicle can use healing supplies while driving).

  • Bullet penetration (if an enemy is standing behind another both of them will receive damage when bullets are fired at them, unlike in the previous updates where the enemy standing behind did not receive any damage).

  • New Recall island.

Katana or Machete Sword
  • Clone your character (you can clone your own character through a crate which will be available in-game to misguide enemies and catch them off guard).

  • Ninja Hook (players can use the Ninja hook ability to climb buildings and compounds similar to the Spiderman grapple update ability). 

  • Glider (if players are unable to find vehicles the gilder feature can be used to travel from one place to another in quick time).

  • Character improvements (the characters moving speed, fall damage and more have been improvised).

Character Clone

The features mentioned above are only leaks and players can expect a few changes to them going forward. It will be interesting to see what more features are revealed for the 3.0 update in BGMI as the ones mentioned above will surely change the way players used to play the game in previous updates.

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