Team Outplay Welcomes Filipino Coach Dale for MSC 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Team Outplay Welcomes Filipino Coach Dale for MSC 2023</p></div>
Team Outplay Welcomes Filipino Coach Dale for MSC 2023


Team Outplay signs Coach Dale as a loaned coach for the MSC 2023.
Coach Dale is well known for leading various MLBB teams like ECHO, Falcon Esports, and Homebois.
Team Outplay will compete in MSC 2023 because BTK failed to meet the requirements to join the tournament.

The North America (NA) representative team for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023, Team Outplay, has recently made an exciting announcement regarding its roster. The team has officially acquired the renowned Filipino coach, Steve "Dale" Vitug, as a valuable addition to their squad. Coach Dale has gained recognition for his coaching expertise with esteemed MLBB teams like ECHO, Falcon Esports, and Homebois.

Originally, BloodThirstyKings was designated as the NA representative for the tournament. However, due to its failure to meet the participation requirements, Team Outplay will now step in to fill BTK's place. This development has created significant anticipation among MLBB fans, who eagerly await the team's performance in the upcoming MSC 2023.

Coach Dale to lead Team Outplay for MSC 2023

Through a Facebook post, Team Outplay announced a surprising addition to its team. Coach Dale from Homebois shall be leading the squad as a loaned coach.

“Yes! You heard it right outplay fans! Mr.Dale "Mr.Worldwide" Vitug will be our coach this upcoming MSC 2023! Don't forget to support Team Outplay and Coach Dale "Mr.Worldwide" this MSC 2023!” the post captioned.

With a new coach leading the team, the roster is as follows;

  • Rainiel "URESHIII" Logronio

  • Rein "Promise" Alalay

  • Bestplayer1

  • Jang "Hoon" Seong-hun

  • Peter "Basic" Lozano

  • Oscar "SHARK" Vo

With the acquisition of Coach Dale, Team Outplay aims to enhance its strategies and gameplay, leveraging his extensive experience in guiding successful MLBB teams. The addition of a seasoned coach to the roster brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which will undoubtedly contribute to their competitive edge in the MSC 2023.

The MSC 2023 is scheduled to commence on 10th June, with the grand finale set to take place on 18th June. To ensure the selection of deserving representatives from each region, a series of qualifying events have been conducted. These events have provided an opportunity for talented teams to showcase their skills and secure their spot in the prestigious tournament.

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