Team iNSANE Adds ex 8Bit  Esports player Tsunami To BGMI Team


Team iNSANE Adds Tsunami, Expand BGMI Team to Six Player Lineup

The BGMI roster is starting to look stacked.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team iNSANE has expanded its BGMI roster to a six player lineup following the acquisition of Tsunami.
Tsunami is a talented assaulter who has a bit of experience under his belt since he previously played with 8Bit Esports.
Following this change the current Team iNSANE lineup is as follows: Aadi, Sayyam, Jazzyy, Mac, PARAM, Tsunami.

It seems the shuffle season is on for most of the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) teams that failed to qualify for the first official tournament of the 2022 competitive season, Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1 (BMPS Season 1).

The most recent team to update its BGMI roster is Team iNSANE as they bring in Tsunami to expand their lineup, now featuring a total of six players. This addition adds more firepower as he primarily likes to play the offensive role of an assaulter, running point for his squad and helping them gain an upper hand during skirmishes.

Tsunami is a talented upcoming player who has previously shown his capabilities as a potent fragger while playing for 8Bit Esports. It will be interesting to see how iNSANE utilizes him going forward.

Team iNSANE expands to a six-player BGMI roster with the addition of Tsunami

The shuffle mania has hit BGMI ahead of the next phase of the competitive season. With the BMPS Season 1 about to conclude soon, teams that could not make it to the first official tournament of the year have started bolstering their lineups ahead of the remaining circuit, which includes a lot of LAN events according to multiple rumors and speculations.

With TSM having revealed that SHADOW has been put on transfer and that they are open to negotiating offers for him with interested teams and organizations, Team iNSANE has followed up by signing Tsunami and expanding their existing BGMI roster to a six-player lineup.

Tsunami's addition brings more firepower to the team, upping their fragging potential for the tournaments ahead. He is a talented assault player with a good bit of experience under his belt having previously competed in several third-party BGMI tournaments under 8Bit Esports.

He has put forth good performances across tournaments like Loco Clutch Invitational, Ranbhoomi Season 1, Global Esports Fight Night, Loco Diwali Battle 2021, Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4: India, Skyesports Grand Slam 2022, among many others.

Tsunami showcased a bit of his potential with 8Bit Esports

So far this season, Team iNSANE has been consistently dishing out average performances, mostly acquiring 6th to 8th finishes across multiple tournaments. Hopefully their new acquisition will give them the required push to at least reach the podium and start claiming the top three spots.

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