Wild Rift Streamer Tealzlol Announces Break Following Wild Rift's In-game Issues


Streamer Tealzlol Takes a Break From "Unplayable" Wild Rift

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Popular Brazilian streamer Tealzlol announced he is taking a break from playing Wild Rift due to frustration over its in-game issues.
Fans and streamers have been complaining about the bad matchmaking system in Wild Rift for quite some time.
While Wild Rift is currently receiving constant updates for its matchmaking system, players are still left unsatisfied.

One of the biggest League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift streamers in Brazil, Daniel “Tealzlol” announced that he will take a break from streaming Wild Rift. The streamer stated that he had decided to stop streaming Wild Rift as he deems the game unplayable in its current state due to poor matchmaking that matches him with players who go Away from Keyboard (AFK) or troll (intentionally ruin matches). Tealzlol started his career as a content creator and streamer focused around LoL PC and Teamfight Tactics before shifting over to Riot Games’ latest mobile MOBA title, Wild Rift. It is still unknown when the streamer will return to play Wild Rift.

Tealzlol is fed up with Wild Rift’s in-game issues

The issue of the problematic matchmaking system in Wild Rift has always been one of the most commonly reported issues. While the developers have been implementing a few tweaks to the game’s matchmaking system, the constant appearance of players who go AFK or intentionally ruin matches still runs rampant in the game.

One of the popular streamers from Brazil, Tealzlol announced that he will not be playing Wild Rift for a while due to how bad the current state of the game is. This was revealed through his official Twitter page.

“I'm officially taking a break from Wild Rift, this game is simply unplayable,” he captioned.

While Tealzlol did not reveal the main reason for him taking a break from streaming Wild Rift, fans speculate that this is due to the lack of punishment for people that ruin the experience for other players by going AFK or troll in the game. Additionally, the current matchmaking system forces you to compete with higher-skill players whenever you get a winning streak.

Fans explaining that the Wild Rift matchmaking system has a lot of issues.

Tealzlol is yet to reveal when he shall return to stream Wild Rift content. Fans may see him return to his old roots and play LoL PC or TFT in his future streams.

Streamers and content creators complain about Wild Rift's poor matchmaking

Tealzlol is not the first to express his frustrations with the mobile MOBA title. Back in 2020, a Filipino streamer and content creator, Terrel "2Staxx" Barnes also complained about the game’s matchmaking problems.

While Wild Rift’s matchmaking has received a lot of changes since its release, the punishment for players who ruin other players’ experience is still deemed as lackluster by a lot of fans and streamers alike.

One of the top Challenger players in the Europe (EU) region, Duc Hieu "Darkbreaker" Nguyen, made a lengthy YouTube video discussing the problems and issues that are plaguing the game.

In his video, he stated that the matchmaking system in the game doesn’t make any sense and he is confused as to why he gains way fewer League Points (LP) despite performing well in his matches.

“The system doesn't make any sense, the explanation doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

He added that he had been in contact with the Principal Game Designer of Wild Rift’s player engagement team, Josh “Nextdoor” Menke. However, Darkbreaker was a left disappointed as Nextdoor allegedly responded that the player just wasn’t playing well enough.

Darkbreaker believes that player MMRs (Matchmaking Ratings) should be revealed so players can compare their MMRs to their teammates but he thinks this will not happen anytime soon.

“I bet you they will never show it because it shows how stupid the system is,” said Darkbreaker.

Currently, the matchmaking system in Wild Rift is still receiving a few changes from the devs. Fans will just have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates from Riot Games.

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