Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure Valentines Day Event: All You Need To Know


Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure Valentines Day Event: All You Need to Know

John Dave Rossel
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The Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure event will start on 12th Feb and will feature the new support champion, Yuumi.
The new champion can be acquired for free in the event along with a ton of in-game loot and cosmetics.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure event will be released to celebrate Valentine's day. The event shall also be the debut of a new support champion named Yuumi. The event starts on 12th Feb and will task players into completing missions to claim various event-exclusive loot such as Avatar Borders, Emotes, Icons, and more. Players can also unlock the new champion, Yuumi, for free just by progressing through the Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure event. Yuumi is a support champion who can attach herself to another champion and share a portion of her attack damage or ability power to amplify her ally's damage while also providing utility and crowd control for the team.

Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure Event Details

The event tasks players to join Yuumi on an adventure through the event map and acquire rewards along the way. There will also be special interactions with Yuumi once players reach a certain part of the map.

A total of three missions will be provided every two days over the course of two weeks. Completing these missions will allow players to progress in the event map. These missions must be completed in order.

Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure event map preview.

Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure missions

Wild Rift Yuumi's Adventure rewards

Each step completed in the event map will reward players with in-game loot and cosmetics.

There is a considerable amount of time and effort required to unlock champions in Wild Rift. Players can actually save up a few Blue Motes for other champions in the game as the new Yuumi’s Adventure event shall surely be a boon for the players to unlock the new and incredibly cute and adorable support champion, Yuumi in this Valentine’s themed event.

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