Filipino Streamer 2Staxx Complains about Wild Rift Matchmaking System


Filipino Streamer 2Staxx Complains about Wild Rift Matchmaking System

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  • 2Staxx posts on Facebook about his complaints about Wild Rift's matchmaking system.
  • Laguage barrier is inevitable in the current state of the game, which is causing a subpar experience for SEA players.

Filipino Streamer 2Staxx made a Facebook post complaining to Riot Games about the matchmaking system and how he can’t properly communicate with his teammates because of the recent influx of Chinese players in Wild Rift. He also added that this post was made to spread awareness about this problem and not to promote hate.

Who is 2Staxx?

Filipino Streamer 2Staxx Complains about Wild Rift Matchmaking System
Credits: Rumble Royale

2Staxx is a League of Legends and Wild Rift streamer and a social media influencer from the Philippines. He is also a member of the Battle Royale gaming community, a talent agency focused around talented Filipino personalities. Famous for his love for the champion Udyr who he calls “Godyr,” makes a lot of League of Legends content and memes. His unique sense of humor has managed to garner a huge amount of fans who follow him, no matter what game title he plays.

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2Staxx’s complaint about Wild Rift’s matchmaking system

Recently, 2Staxx made a post tagging Riot Games and League of Legends: Wild Rift Facebook page explaining how the matchmaking system in Wild Rift is not helping with the language gap, and how he can’t communicate properly in the game. 

“There is a huge language gap when it comes to comms in game and I don't want to sound racist or anything but chinese players are not really the best teammates.” says 2Staxx. “I know there may be some good chinese players but the majority just feeds”.

Seeing how some of his fans began insulting and brigading against Chinese Wild Rift players, he attempted to calm the storm in the comment section explaining that he does not promote racism. He just wants for people to be aware of the game’s problem.

“There is no excuse for racism so let's do our best to not be racist,” says 2Staxx. “The point of the post is for people to be aware of the problem in game”.

Filipino Streamer 2Staxx Complains about Wild Rift Matchmaking System
Credits: 2Staxx

His fans showed support sharing and commenting on their similar experiences and elaborating how communication during a match is important in Wild RIft. Some of his fans suggested that Riot Games should open a new Chinese server for the Chinese Wild Rift players to reduce the language barrier and provide a better experience all around.

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Rumors of a dedicated server for Chinese players have since emerged and are making the rounds amongst the Wild Rift community. However, there is no concrete proof behind these claims. Fans should ideally wait for official confirmation from Riot Games.

Earlier in August 2020, Wild Rift successfully registered its trademark in China with the National Intellectual Property Administration. However, this does not mean the game has been approved for release, it's the first step. The game is still yet to be approved for release in China, which has caused Chinese players to use VPNs to play the game on the SEA servers.

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