Snehilop Alleges TTE Player is Selling BGMI Hacks

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Snehil BGMI


Snehilop has alleged that Team Together Esports has used hacks in marquee BGMI events such as BGIS 2023.
He also provided proof against one of its players named Saikat for selling BGMI hacks.

Hackers have always been an issue in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Krafton and third party tournament organizers have put in a lot of effort to ensure no one uses hacks or engages in unethical practices in the tournaments. Players’ points of view (POV) of the matches are recorded and anti-cheat systems are used to ensure no one cheats in the tournament. 

However, in a recent video, Snehil “Snehilop” Saxena provided proof against an upcoming team using hacks in marquee BGMI events such as Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 and also alleged one of its player is selling hacks.

Snehilop Alleges Team Together Esports is Hacking and its Player Saikat is selling hacks

Snehilop, a Youtuber known to expose hackers and cheaters in the BGMI esports scene, uploaded a video on his Youtube Channel alleging yet another player named Saikat and his team named Team Together Esports (TTE) of using hacks in marquee BGMI events such as BGIS 2023. He also said that in the past, the players from TTE had never been caught using hacks because they used to carry more than one device with them.

Talking about how the players were never caught using hacks during the device checks, Snehil said, “What the players used to do is carry multiple devices with them, one device which was clean [without hacks] and another which had jailbreak [with hacks]. Whenever the players were called for device checking by Tournament Organizers, they used to Airdrop their match Point of View [POV] from the jailbroken device to the clean device.”

Snehil then proceeded to show multiple screenshots of a conversation between the alleged player, Saikat, and another player. In the conversation Saikat was trying to sell BGMI hacks to a player. The screenshots also mention several prices for the hacks. 

Snehil also said that the end goal for these players and teams is to play online qualifying rounds using hacks and then qualify for LAN events and perform on the LAN stage so they get picked up by a Tier 1 BGMI organization.

This is not the first time Snehil has exposed such an incident, in 2023 he had exposed multiple teams for using hacks in the BGIS 2023 event and one of them even faced immediate disqualification from Krafton for using unethical means.

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