Sid Talks About Banter Between BGMI Teams

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Sid says banter between teams is good as long as it does not cross a line.
He also said that fans should enjoy it as it creates a healthy competition.

The competition between some of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) teams has significantly increased in the 2024 BGMI season so far. Entity Gaming, Orangutan and iQOO Soul are some of the seasoned squads who have shown fierce competition across events. Entity has won two major events in the 2024 season including the ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series LAN event. With the increase in competition, the banter between the teams competing has also increased. 

In a recent live stream, S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, Manager for iQOO Soul, talked about the banter between Entity Gaming and iQOO Soul during the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series 2024 BGMI LAN event.

Sid says banter between BGMI teams is good

After winning the ESL LAN event, Junaid “Xypex” Fazal, the coach of Entity Gaming's BGMI team shared a post which had a caption with Sid’s quote "rok sako to roklo", which means "stop us if you can", and a response below the caption which read "rok liya" which means "stopped you". The post created a bit of unrest among fans and they started messaging Sid about it.

Xypex BGMI

Sid, in a recent live stream, talking about the post said,“There were a lot of fans messaging me that someone had said something about soul at the event, so let me clear the air. They have won the trophy and banter is banter as long as it does not cross a line. I think the person that wrote that line is their coach, Xypex, and we both had talked to each other on the same day for about 10-15 minutes so it does not make a difference, it was just good banter. I don’t think the thing he said crossed any sort of line. I also had decided and thought of a response if we had won the next iQOO LAN event. This is just all good banter between the teams and as long as it does not cross a line we should all enjoy it.”

iQOO Soul was one of the most dominant teams in the ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series LAN Finals and it dominated all three days of the event. Entity Gaming on the other hand also had consistent performances. Entity Gaming was able to clinch a massive chicken dinner in the last match of the LAN Finals due to which it was crowned the champion. iQOO Soul was on the verge of being crowned the champion but slipped to the second spot after facing early elimination in the last match of the event.

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