WD Black Cup Season 4 Pokemon Unite: All Invited Teams


Skyesports Announces All Pokemon Unite Teams Invited for WD Black Cup Season 4

Another exciting mobile tournament guaranteed.

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Skyesports has announced all the four directly invited Pokemon Unite teams that will be competing in the WD Black Cup Season 4.
WD Black Cup Season 4 Pokemon Unite will feature an individual total prize pool of $2000 USD.
Apart from Pokemon Unite, the WD Black Cup Season 4 will also host other titles like CS:GO, Dota 2, and Real Cricket 22.

Skyesports is all set to organize one of the annual mainstay tournaments of Indian esports, WD Black Cup Season 4, featuring a total collective prize pool of $11,000 USD (INR 8,96,660) across four competitive titles - CS:GO, Dota 2, Pokemon Unite, and Real Cricket 22.

Earlier, Overwatch 2 was announced as one of the competing titles but due to reasons outside of the organizer's control it was replaced by Dota 2 and Pokemon Unite. Both these titles are quite similar but are played on different platforms and are trying to make a space for themselves in the South Asian region.

With an individual prize pool of $2,000 USD (INR 1,63,511) for Pokemon Unite, all the four invited teams for this title have now been announced by Skyesports.

Skyesports WD Black Cup Season 4: Pokemon Unite

WD Black Cup Season 4 Pokemon Unite: All teams invited by Skyesports

A total of four Pokemon Unite teams have been directly invited for the WD Black Cup Season 4 being organized by Skyesports.

  1. Gods Reign

  2. Team S8UL

  3. Marcos Gaming

  4. Revenant Esports

The tournament is scheduled to take place from 1st to 5th February with a total prize pool of $2,000 USD, fitting right before the final week of the ongoing Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League: India League whose Regular Season: Stage 1 will be concluding this weekend.

As all four teams will be competing across both these tournaments, the schedule would have to be adjusted accordingly. However, this should not be much of a problem as both tournaments are being organized by Skyesports itself.

WD Black Cup Season 4 Pokemon Unite should be an exciting tournament with some of the top-rated teams in the mobile title set to go up against each other. Of course, Marcos Gaming would be the team to pick as the winner from the pack, having shown great form in the ongoing Indian leg of the Asia Champions League.

Certain events like CS:GO and Real Cricket 22 will culminate with a Grand Finals set to take place on LAN, the complete information for which should be released at a later point in time. It is unclear at this point in time if Pokemon Unite shall take place on LAN as well.

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