Sensui Emotional as Blacklist International Ends ONIC PH's Season 12 Campaign

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Sensui Emotional as Blacklist International Ousts ONIC PH in MPL PH S12 Playoffs</p></div>
Sensui Emotional as Blacklist International Ousts ONIC PH in MPL PH S12 Playoffs



Blacklist International scored a 3-2 victory over ONIC PH in the opening day of the MPL PH Season 12 Playoffs.
Sensui was emotional as he eliminated his former teammates out of the Playoffs.
According to Sensui, this victory against ONIC PH is important because he wanted to prove something.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 12 Playoffs stage witnessed an intense showdown between two formidable teams: Blacklist International and ONIC PH. In an electrifying clash, the esteemed codebreakers managed to secure a hard-fought 3-2 series victory, thwarting any hopes of a reverse sweep by the Yellow Hedgehogs. Following a nail-biting initial match, the jungler of Blacklist International, Stephen "Sensui" Castillo, was overcome with emotion as he triumphed over his former team in the MPL PH Season 12 Playoffs. In a heartfelt post-match press conference, Sensui shared how important this victory is to him and his goal this season.

Sensui shared how his victory against ONIC PH means a lot

Shortly after Blacklist International’s victory against ONIC PH, Sensui was left in tears as his former teammates made their final exit after being eliminated from the Playoffs stage. 

“I’ve played with them for a long time and it pains me to be the one to drop them [out of the playoffs],” he said during a post-match interview during the livestream. 

Sensui has played with ONIC PH since Season 10 as the team’s jungler. However, the team saw little success during his stay with the team until he was eventually acquired by Blacklist International. 

Through a post-match press conference, he shared how his first victory in the MPL PH Season 12 playoffs is important.

“For me, it is very important because I really want to prove something, especially to my old teammates. I want to break the curse of me always dropping after round one and I also want to represent in M5,” Sensui explained.

Sensui shared how his victory against ONIC PH means a lot


Blacklist International is set to face a tough challenge as it shall go up against the defending champion ECHO on 26th October at 2:00 PM (PHT). It will be interesting to see if the Codebreakers can finally take down the Killer Orcas or will they be sent down to the lower bracket of the MPL PH Season 12 Playoffs stage.

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