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Scout Talks About Team X Spark’s Future

Umesh Borkar
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Scout says if Team X Spark does not get a sponsor in the near future he would have to close the organization.
Scout also said that he has spent money out of his own pocket but cannot keep doing so in the future and will need sponsors.

Tanmay “Scout” Singh is one of the veteran players of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). He is the owner and an esports athlete for Team X Spark. He is also a streamer and content creator for S8UL.

Scout says Team X Spark may be disbanded if they don’t find a sponsor

Recently, Scout, while talking with his viewers on his live stream, discussed how hard it is to run an esports organization and what the future holds for his team. He said, “To be honest I have spent over INR 50 to 55 Lakhs in the last five months on the organization including salaries, food and stay expenses and everything else combined. I have put money from my own pocket as I don’t have anyone to provide the monetary support. I have only received INR 25 Lakhs in return from which taxes are also going to get deducted. So it's not a profitable business. We could have made an esports team from scratch which had no salaries but it's fine, it is a learning experience for me.”

He also talked about Team X Spark’s future and said, “Hopefully we get a sponsor soon but if we don’t get one I cannot continue to give salaries. We are talking to a few sponsors and if we get one we will be able to continue, but if we can’t, I will have to close the organization.”

Scout BGMI

Team X Spark had recently made changes to their team where Aditya “Aditya” Mathe left for another team whereas Harsh “Spraygod” Malik joined the team before the Red Bull Mobile Esports Open (MEO) Season 6 event.

Team X Spark had good performances in the last few tournaments and of these one of the important ones was the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 LAN Finals event where it placed third.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Team X Spark as it has been one of the fan favorite teams in most of the events and has had unwavering support from its fans.

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