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Players will need to know various tips and tricks in order to outplay an opponent and win any given fight.
Players can follow the tips and tricks given below to gain advantage over enemies and eliminate them.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) provides intense back to back battles. Players will need to know certain techniques and tricks in order to have an advantage over enemies and win battles with ease. 

Generally, players in BGMI want to win fights without taking too much damage. In this article we will see some tips and tricks which will help players outplay an opponent and win any fight with ease.

How to outplay an opponent in BGMI?

Players will need to keep in mind certain aspects of the game which will give them an advantage over enemies. Knowing important map locations, when to engage and disengage from a fight and having precise aim are some of the aspects which can help players gain advantage over enemies.

These are some of the tips and tricks in order to outplay enemies in BGMI:

  • Map Mastery: Knowing the varying terrain on a map is the most important aspect. Understanding the unique geographical features will help players while rotating and flanking opponents. Keeping in mind certain important landmarks, rotation routes, and the safety zone will help players execute their strategies.

  • Aim Training: Practicing an aim routine on a daily basis will help players improve their aim significantly. While taking fights in mid and long range battles precision is important and players will need to practice with certain long range weapons like M416 and Scar-L in order to perfect their sprays.  

  • Loot: To outplay an opponent, players are also required to have appropriate loot in terms of throwables and other utility. Players will need Frag Grenades and Molotov Cocktail to clear angles or secure finishes and Smoke Grenades to provide cover and flank enemies. Hiding from enemies with the help of Smoke Grenades will grant you  enough time and space to flank enemies and surprise them.

  • Make Use of Cover: Players will need to make use of different cover available in the game. There are several apartment buildings, compounds and rocks which can be used to take cover and surprise enemies and eliminate them.

  • Movement: Players will have to develop fast movement techniques in order to win close range fights. The side by side jiggle movement is one of the techniques which can be used to win close range battles. Players can master close range fights in the Team DeathMatch (TDM) mode of the game.

Rock Cover


Players will need to practice and improve their aim in order to win fights and outplay an opponent. You can use the above given tips and tricks in order to gain an advantage over your enemies and eliminate them.

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