Scout Names Fav Female Gaming Content Creators From India


Scout Names His Favorite Female Gaming Content Creators From India

Your favorite content creator's favorite content creators!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Scout recently featured as a guest in the Spotify original podcast called Gamers Unplugged, hosted by Dynamo.
During a fun segment of the podcast, Scout named his favorite female content creators from the Indian gaming community.
Scout also spoke about how more female gamers were slowly coming forward and working hard on a daily basis to create content.

One of the biggest gaming content creators from India, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, appeared as a guest on the latest episode of Gamers Unplugged, a Spotify original podcast dedicated to Indian gaming and esports, hosted by Aaditya "Dynamo" Sawant.

The two of them spoke a lot about the personal and professional aspects of the 26-year-old gaming sensation. Some of the tidbits included when Scout's obsession with cars and shoes began, what are his future goals that he aspires to accomplish in his careerbiggest life lessons he has learned over the years, among many other things.

Apart from the serious stuff there were some fun segments as well. In one of these segments Scout named Krutika "Krutika Plays" Ojha and Kaashvi "Kaash Plays" Hiranandani as his favorite female content creators from the Indian gaming space.

Spotify podcast Gamers Unplugged

Scout talks about his favorite Indian female content creators

Over the last couple of years, a lot of female gaming streamers and content creators have popped up and become an integral part of the Indian gaming community. During the podcast, Dynamo threw a curveball by asking Scout about his favorite female streamer, someone whose content he likes to check out on a regular basis and put him on the spot.

Responding to this query, Scout revealed that his favorite female streamers were Krutika and Kaashvi. He went on to specify that Krutika was his sister to avoid any misunderstanding that might lead to rumors and speculations.

"These days I think everyone is working hard and putting in the effort," said Scout "My sister, Krutika, I have fun watching her content. Kaashvi is a really good friend of mine, I like watching her content as well, and there are a lot of other female creators who are working really hard on a day-to-day basis."

He further states how things were evolving with more people getting a chance to enter the space, including an increased number of female creators who were slowly stepping up and expressing themselves through gaming.

"Earlier the majority used to think, she is a girl why is she playing games, such stereotypes are slowly being shunned," says Scout, "The people who like gaming are openly admitting that yes they like playing games."

Apart from this Scout also spoke about a lot of other things related to his career in gaming, a few things from his personal life, and even participated in a fun segment to test his general knowledge!

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