Scout Shares the Biggest Life Lessons He Has Learned as a Content Creator

It has been quite the learning curve.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Scout Shares Biggest the Life Lessons He Has Learned as a Content Creator</p></div>
Scout Shares Biggest the Life Lessons He Has Learned as a Content Creator


Scout recently featured as a guest in the Spotify original podcast called Gamers Unplugged, hosted by Dynamo.
In one segment of the podcast, Scout mentioned some of the biggest life lessons that he has learned over the years as a gaming and esports content creator.
Scout specifically mentioned 8bit Goldy as someone who helped him grow as a person by guiding him in the right direction.

One of the biggest gaming personalities from India, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, was the latest guest to appear on the Spotify original podcast - Gamers Unplugged, hosted by Aaditya "Dynamo" Sawant.

A lot of things were discussed between the two including how Scout has grown over the years as a person. While answering this question, the 26-year-old shared some of the biggest life lessons that he has learned as a gaming and esports content creator.

Gamers Unplugged - Spotify Podcast by Dynamo Gaming

Scout shines a light on how he has grown as a person over the years

Scout was labelled as controversial and arrogant early on in his career by a majority of the Indian gaming community but he believes that "Controversy is a story in itself where every person is a hero in their own version, while the other is a villain."

Referencing to the controversy part, Scout admitted that he was wrong at times but it still does not take away from the fact that there have been instances where he was wrongly portrayed as the bad person. "Sometimes you are right from your own point of view, but at the same time, you are also wrong from the perspective of some other person," says Scout.

As for arrogance, Scout explains that he came into this field as a sportsperson and not as a YouTuber, hence there were moments when he could not mask his aggression, "I did not have any idea about the dos and don'ts of how to present oneself on a social platform."

One other thing that Scout exclusively mentioned was to not believe anyone, on stream or anywhere else, when they claim that someone had said something bad about them.

He explained how reacting to anything without verifying could lead to a wrong perception being created within the community as certain users clip the response and portray it in a wrong light.

Scout further appreciated Lokesh "8bit Goldy" Jain with whom he could freely share everything and also helped him grow as a better version of himself.

"Everyone should have one such person in their life with whom they can share everything," explains Scout, "I learned a lot of things from him, this is right and that is wrong, if I say this it might influence someone in a wrong manner, how to manage oneself on social media, and a lot of other things."

Apart from this Scout also spoke about a lot of other things related to his career in gaming, a few things from his personal life, and even participated in a fun segment to test his general knowledge!

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