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Ghatak Highlights and Appreciates Scout’s Hard Work

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In a recent livestream, GodLike Esports’ Ghatak appreciated how much effort Scout has put into his gaming journey to reach where he is today.
He appreciated Scout’s new house and highlighted his efforts.

In a recent livestream, GodLike Esports’ former professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare was casually chatting with his audience and answering their questions. One of his fellow viewers asked him his opinion on Tanmay “Scout” Singh’s new house that he recently showcased in a video. Responding to this, Ghatak appreciated how much effort Sc0utOP has put into his gaming journey to reach where he is today.

Ghatak stated Scout’s new house is ‘the dream house’

Scout recently released the highly anticipated house tour video taking everyone through his entire house, spanning multiple floors and featuring more than five bedrooms. Many of his peers, including other famous gaming athletes and streaming personalities, came forward to appreciate Scout’s new home while also congratulating him for being one of the leading ambassadors of the Indian gaming community. Likewise, Ghatak also recently appreciated his house and the hard work he has put in to build it.

Ghatak said, “Scout’s new house is actually ‘the dream house.’ The house is great.” Following this, he said,“I have seen him from the start. He used to travel from Daman and Diu to Mumbai to play. He used to travel all the way from Vapi (Gujarat) to Mumbai just to play in Cafes. I know how much hard work he has put in.”

Scout is one of the most influential gaming personalities in India. He started his journey as a professional PUBG Mobile player and then shifted to Battlegrounds Mobile India. He has shown impressive performance throughout his career and established himself as one of the best PUBG Mobile and BGMI players in India. Furthermore, the pro player has represented India on the global stage six times in his career. However, he is yet to achieve his dream, i.e., winning a trophy at an international level while representing India.

Scout recently appeared in the second episode of Gamers Unplugged, a Spotify original podcast dedicated to Indian gaming and esports, hosted by Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant. The two of them discussed a lot of personal and professional aspects of the 26-year-old gaming sensation. One aspect, in particular, was Scout mentioning that he still wants to win a trophy in any title at an international level while representing India.

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