Scout Discuses When He Might Quit Streaming


Scout Discusses When He Might Retire From Streaming

Now those are some actual future discussions.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream, Scout discussed with his viewers after how many years would he consider retiring as a streamer.
Scout was rather confused with no fixed response and kept changing his answer before deciding that he would at least stream till he turns 35.

One of the biggest gaming creators from India, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, is currently in the prime of his streaming career and he does not plan on slowing down anytime soon. With 2023 just starting out, the streamer is excited to see what the year has in store for him going ahead.

However, during a recent livestream session the 26-year-old, while interacting with his viewers, discussed at what age would he actually consider retiring and quit livestreaming across all platforms.

"Imagine, if I continue streaming even after getting old," said Scout, before popping the question to his audience, "What do you guys think till when will I keep streaming?"

Scout discuses after how many years would he consider retirement and quit streaming

Every good thing must come to an end, same goes for all the top content creators and streamers that are currently on top of the Indian gaming community and are having the time of their life.

While they might be at their absolute best right now, pumping out lots of unique content, trying out new things, pouring in hours of hard work, and hustling hard to deliver as much as possible to their fans, it cannot last forever.

With age catching up, family responsibilities, and even their interests gravitating towards something else, it is possible that many gaming personalities might not continue doing what they currently do.

Discussing something similar during a recent livestream with the audience, Scout said that 35 seems like the perfect time to retire from streaming, which is still a decade away from now.

"I will stream till 35, what say? That is a big number right? I will stream till 30," said Scout in utter confusion, "No guys, not quitting so soon. I will stream till 35, can stretch it for at least 10 more years, 35 is very much possible. After that, I will not have the energy to stay committed and scream while streaming."

Scout went on to speak about how sometimes one suddenly realizes how much they have grown, sharing how at times when he is sitting alone similar thoughts run through his mind - Him turning 18, roaming around having fun with his friends, throwing birthday parties as kids, and other such things.

Even the audience enjoyed this sudden trip of shared nostalgia and the stream was quite wholesome overall. It is great to see this side of Scout's character which only adds more to his personality.

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