Mortal And Scout Trash Talk Each Other In Valorant


Mortal and Scout Trash Talk in Valorant: Official 1v1 Might Take Place

The two kings of the Indian gaming community might take on each other.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream, Mortal and Scout after a game of Valorant were seen engaging in some savage banter.
The incident took place as a result of a failed knife attempt by Mortal to take down Scout, who got the better of him in the end.
Mortal dropped a message to Thug, requesting an official 1v1 match to be arranged between him and Scout.

Two of the biggest gaming creators from India, Naman "Mortal" Mathur and Tanmay "Scout" Singh, true to their competitive nature were seen trash-talking each other after a game of Valorant. This took place a few days back on their respective YouTube livestreams.

Despite having widely different personalities, Scout and Mortal, are both esports athletes and among the biggest gaming content creators in the world. They are also good friends in real life, but there are times when their competitiveness gets the better of them, resulting in some ruthless banter while playing games on stream.

Mortal and Scout deliver some sick burns after playing Valorant against each other

During a recent Valorant stream, the two gaming stars were on opposite teams and a failed knife attempt by Mortal to take down Scout resulted in some harsh burns being exchanged between the two personalities.

The match was a casual private game consisting of streamers and content creators like Saloni "Mili" Kandalgaonkar, Krutika "Krutika" Ojha, Kamal "Akshu" Kumar, Yash "Viper" Soni, Raj "Snax" Varma, Ankkita "AnkkitaC" Chauhan, and more.

Despite Scout gaining an upperhand against Mortal during the knife attempt, it was Mortal's team that ended up winning the match, prompting him to say "What happened Scout? Are you not able to play?"

This statement was repeated a number of times to mock Scout's loss, who defended himself by using the classic dialogue "I was just playing for fun," but that did not stop Mortal from doubling down and asking "How much will you lose? Also, what are you able to achieve in unofficial? "

While all words being exchanged were in fun and games, this statement seemed to have stung a bit and forced Scout to throw a 1v1 challenge Mortal's way in a bid to see who is a better Valorant player between them.

"Let's do an official Scout vs Mortal," said Scout, a statement that was accepted by Mortal who immediately messaged Animesh "Thug" Agarwal, sending him the following voice note "Hello Thug, I don't know but an official tournament needs to happen, Scout vs Mortal, it should be official. I don't know how you will pull this off but it needs to happen."

This was followed by the two players discussing about the knife incident where Scout was able to get the better of Mortal, thwarting his attempt of securing a knife kill and saving himself from absolute embarrassment.

If a 1v1 match actually takes place between the two giants of Indian gaming, the event would definitely hold enough weight behind it to possibly break some national records for sure and maybe internationally as well.

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