S8UL Coach Amit Emphasizes the Costly Nature of Foreign Operations

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>S8UL Coach Amit Emphasizes the Costly Nature of Foreign Operations</p></div>
S8UL Coach Amit Emphasizes the Costly Nature of Foreign Operations


Amit Dubey S8UL Esports

Amit shares that SouL currently doesn’t have the resources to set-up abroad and warned possible investors by mentioning they should be prepared to bleed money.
Amit also mentions that out of 30-35 tier 1 orgs, not even 2 can afford the expenses.
The coach is also ready to change Team SouL roster or having secondary lineups if his conditions are met.

Although multiple industry icons have hinted at the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) over the past few days, it looks like one of India’s bigger organizations is pulling away from the market. Recently, GodLike Esports’ owner Chetan "Kronten" Chandgude, spoke about setting up their operations in Dubai. 

Yesterday, S8UL Esports’ coach Amit Dubey, also addressed similar topics on his stream and pointed out why it is nearly impossible for organizations like S8UL to afford setting up a bootcamp abroad. He mentioned that SouL currently doesn’t have the resources to take these ambitious steps just yet, and cautioned possible investors by mentioning they should be prepared to bleed money.

S8UL coach gives open business offer to all investors

Upon being asked why S8uL is not not considering setting up operations on foreign soil, Amit Dubey gave a blunt response by stating, “If you think that we have resources to invest that amount of money without any return of slots then you are mistaken.”

Amit then pointed out that even if they wanted, there are no slots currently to directly enter the professional scene. However, he also pointed out that it is irrational for him to answer these questions as he’s not the owner and can’t give such statements on the orgs’ behalf.

“If you have the money and you are ready to sponsor (SouL) then of course let me know. I am interested in that. If you are ready to sponsor everything from A to Z like - salary, bootcamp, visa, in any particular region then inform me. Even for a 3 to 4 month’s operation, the bills come in crores,” said Amit by highlighting operation costs are nowhere as cheap as India on foreign soil.

SouL coach on forming new Team SouL roster 

Moving onto the topic of possible roster if the above plans were made possible, Amit commented “Roster change won't be a big of an issue. The Indian players won’t be prepared to play. So definitely we will pick foreign players for the team”. But the coach also added that these changes are of secondary importance.

Amit then mentioned the possibility of SouL having some academy lineups which will play on lower tier games. “Look, if we have the proper amount of money then anything is possible. But you should be ready to spend exuberant amounts and don’t even think twice about it. Only then it is possible to keep two line-ups. The secondary foreign lineup will play in smaller leagues and there can be a main lineup as well. Basically you have to come with an unlimited source of financial assets and with the mentality to waste all that without any hope of return,” he added.

Amit then puts some cold hard facts as he explains why a abroad set-up is not a sensible decision to make for any org. “Maybe some org. might be able to make it possible down the road but in India we had 30-35 tier 1 orgs out of which I hardly doubt even 2 will be able to afford this,” he said. 

Amit Dubey’s comments align with Thug’s vision for Team SouL. Right after the game got banned second time last year, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal had affirmed with a tweet that Team SouL would never shift outside of India

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