Kronten Is Ready to Move Godlike Roster to Dubai for PUBG Mobile Esports

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kronten Is Ready to move Godlike Roster to Dubai for PUBG Mobile Esports</p></div>
Kronten Is Ready to move Godlike Roster to Dubai for PUBG Mobile Esports


Kronten, Godlike Esports

Kronten feels that BGMI is not coming back anytime soon and the organization needs to move its roster to Dubai to keep them engaged in the competitive scene.
His reaction comes shortly after the owner of Stalwart openly invited Indian organizations to set up operations abroad.
Kronten says everything has already been arranged in Dubai except for the Visas.

Amidst the fiasco of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) unban, many prominent organizations have already paused or terminated their operations in India. However, Godlike Esports doesn’t fall in that lot. Fortunately, the organization has sizable resources to continue its operations abroad and during Chetan "Kronten" Chandgude's recent Instagram live session, the GodLike owner indicated that they are seriously considering shifting the team to Dubai and re-entering the competitive premises of PUBG Mobile.

Kronten on Godlike roster moving to Dubai 

Kronten was doing a regular live Q&A session on Instagram where he was asked if it is time for players to play from Dubai. The Godlike founder replied by saying  “Yes guys. I think so. It’s time to do something about it. Because I don’t think BGMI is coming anytime soon”.

Kronten’s response comes shortly after Zeyan Shafiq, the owner of Stalwart Esports, posted an Instagram story, offering help to Indian organizations to set up operations abroad if they are interested in participating in PUBG Mobile Esports.

Stalwart owner's recent Instagram post

Image via Zeyan Shafiq's Instagram

A quick reminder to our readers, Godlike Esports had already partnered with Stalwarts Esports before as part of its plan for global expansion and making the Godlike name synonymous with an Asian powerhouse in mobile esports. During this time, the Stalwart roster left an impressive trail in PMWI 2022, South Asia Fall Championship 2022, and PMGC 2022. Although the collaboration was terminated because both organizations had their individual expansion plans, Kronten’s interest to move operations to foreign soil might just align with the interest of both parties.

Kronten shares the current state of the move-out plans

This is not the first time Kronten has considered moving abroad as the solution. Shortly after BGMI’s ban in 2022, Kronten had revealed that the future of Godlike Esports may lie abroad. He said that if BGMI remains blocked in India, the organization may shift to Dubai to play PUBG Mobile with its current BGMI lineup.  

Later in his livestream when the topic of shifting the current Godlike roster to Dubai arose, Kronten said “We already have everything set in Dubai. We just need the passports. Everything else has been set, company and all”.

Godlike Esports has one of the most successful BGMI lineups in India, consisting of All-Star players including Jonathan, ZGod, Clutchgod, Shadow, Neyoo, and Gill. Most of the players from the current Godlike lineup have already proven their mettle on international stages, and moving to Dubai might just save India’s competitive talents rather than them fading into oblivion.

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