RRQ PH Answers What Makes It Unique From the Rest of the Icons 2022 Teams


RRQ PH Answers What Makes It Unique From the Rest of the Icons 2022 Teams

John Dave Rossel
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RRQ PH has been eliminated from the Icons 2022 Knockout Stage after a clean sweep defeat at the hands of FunPlus Phoenix.
RRQ PH admitted that they were nervous during the match against FunPlus Phoenix.
The team shared what makes them unique from other teams competing in the Icons 2022.

One of the fan-favorite teams in the League of Legends: Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022, RRQ Philippines (PH) has been eliminated from the Knockout Stage after being defeated by FunPlus Phoenix with a 3-0 clean sweep victory. While the Philippines squad was known for being laid back and confident in their previous matches, the team admitted that they actually felt nervous when they came face to face with the most dominant Chinese team in the tournament. RRQ PH was able to put up a solid performance against FunPlus Phoenix. However, it could not contest the clinical rotations and the team fighting prowess put forth by the Chinese team.

RRQ PH makes an early exit from the Icons 2022 Knockout Stage

One of the most beloved teams in the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 has officially been eliminated from the competition. RRQ PH is known for its members’ bubbly and carefree personalities. While the team showed promise during the early stages of the tournament, the team’s journey in the Knockout Stage was short-lived after an upsetting defeat against FunPlus Phoenix.

Despite this loss, RRQ PH left the stage with smiles on their faces. Through a post-match conference, the team shared what happened during the match against one of the strongest Chinese teams in Wild Rift.

“We could've won if all of us weren't nervous and we just do our thing, do what we always do,” stated Charles "Chaazz" Esguerra, the team’s Jungler.

The team admits that the Chinese squad knows how to counter team compositions focused on utility. However, despite RRQ PH doing its best work around this information, it wasn’t enough to outsmart FunPlus Phoenix.

What makes RRQ PH unique compared to other teams in Icons 2022?

When asked what differentiates them from all the other competitors in the tournament, RRQ PH’s Baron Laner Sean "Helios" Palisoc responded that they just improvise their tactics while enjoying the game down to the last minute.

“Our mentality is very tough, we don’t get a ‘mental boom.’ We just YOLO (You Live Only Once) this series and just do our own thing,” said the Baron Laner.

The head coach Jon "Kaigu" Lance Hernandez further elaborated and said, “I think what they meant to say is that they have a bubbly personality and the team is very energetic.”

Chazz also echoed with confidence that “I think if we were a serious person, we can top 1 here (Icons 2022).”

RRQ PH ends its world championship bid for now. However, the team shall be looking to bounce back in the next Wild Rift Icons event.

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