Wild Rift Season 6 Ranked Rewards Leaked


Wild Rift Season 6 Ranked Rewards Leaked

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The rewards for the upcoming Wild Rift Season 6 have been leaked by data miners.
Season 6 shall feature the exclusive Glorious Crimson Fiora skin along with Augment features for her Weapon and Ultimate Ability.
Players will also receive rewards, if they reach a tier in both Ranked and Legendary Mode.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Season 6 ranked rewards have been revealed by data miners. The upcoming exclusive reward features the Glorious Crimson Fiora. The ranked store and ranked rewards shall also be updated and will feature new content such as the previous Season 3 exclusive skin Glorious Lulu along with new poses that players can collect. Various Augment cosmetics have also been revealed for the Glorious Crimson Fiora’s weapon and ultimate ability effects. Players will also receive bonus Ranked Coins, if they reach a tier in both Ranked and Legendary Mode, to spend in the in-game Ranked Shop.

Wild Rift Ranked Season 6 rewards feature Glorious Crimson Fiora

The Wild Rift PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers have revealed a ton of exciting new content that players can look forward to. According to Canserole, some of the major content that is arriving soon includes the Season 6 ranked rewards featuring a new exclusive skin.

Wild Rift Ranked Rewards

To get the Glorious Crimson Fiora skin in Wild Rift, players will need to reach level 10 in the ranked rewards. For each ranked game played, points shall be added in the progress bar to level up. Each level also grants its own set of rewards such as coins, icons, borders, badges, and more.

For each tier reached in ranked, players can also claim more coins. The higher they climb, the bigger the rewards.

Wild Rift Ranked Tier Rewards

Ranked Store details

New items shall be added to the in-game ranked store featuring the Season 3 exclusive skin Glorious Lulu as well as new Augmentation options for the new Glorious Crimson Fiora skin in Wild Rift.

The content presented is still being tested on the Wild Rift PBE server in China. Some features or content may receive changes before it gets released on the regular servers.

When is the start date of Wild Rift Season 6?

Riot Games is yet to reveal the exact release date of the next season. However, it is speculated that it shall arrive during the Wild Rift Patch 3.3 cycle alongside a lot of other content such as the Star Guardian skins and the new Legendary Mode.

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