Wild Rift Adds Legendary Queue for Competitive Solo Players


Wild Rift Adds Legendary Queue for Competitive Solo Players

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Wild Rift to add a new competitive game mode called Legendary Queue.
The new game mode can only be unlocked after reaching Diamond tier.
A few Ranked game changes shall be implemented in Wild Rift which shall change how players climb in the competitive ladder above Emerald tier.

Wild Rift shall soon implement a Legendary Queue in the game. This new game mode is similar to Ranked mode but will only be for solo players and will not allow parties to queue together. The Wild Rift Legendary Queue will only be made available for players who reach Diamond rank and above. It will also feature new ranks that set it apart from the regular Ranked Mode in the game. A few Ranked Mode changes shall also be implemented which shall change how players climb in the competitive ladder. Diamond and above shall now implement the mark system instead of VP (victory points) along with the addition of Fortitude Shields.

Wild Rift Legendary Queue details

According to a blog post by Riot Games, the new ranked game mode will feature a solo-only queue system. Players won’t be able to party up with any other players in this competitive game mode unlike the regular Ranked Mode. However, only players who are within Diamond and above rank will be able to unlock this new game mode.

The Wild Rift Legendary Queue will have six major ranks with four sub-tiers to climb through. Players will need to earn enough Legendary Points to get promoted to the next rank or tier. These points can only be acquired by winning matches in the Legendary Queue. The amount of points a player earns shall depend on their skill as well as their opponents' skill rating.

The Legendary Ranks are as follows;

  • Warrior IV-I

  • Commander IV-I

  • Guardian IV-I

  • Vanquisher IV-I

  • Immortal IV-I

  • Legend

Players who reach Legend Rank shall be given a special global ranking on the leaderboard. A separate MMR (Match Making Rating) shall be implemented in the Wild Rift Legendary Queue. This means that a players rating in other game modes will not affect who they will be facing in the new competitive game mode. The matchmaking system will also be tuned to only include random teammates which are at most one major rank tier away.

The Legendary Queue can only be unlocked after reaching Diamond tier.

Regular Ranked Mode changes in Wild Rift

Along with the new competitive mode, a few changes to Ranked games will also be implemented. The ranked marks system will now be implemented up until Challenger. This means that players will no longer need to earn VP just to get promoted. Promotion from Diamond to Challenger will require players to earn six marks for each tier.

Fortitude Shields will also be implemented beyond Emerald rank. This allows players to earn points to protect their marks if they lose a match.

Due to these massive changes to the Ranked System in Wild Rift, Riot Games stated that players shall have their ranks rolled back a bit further than usual in the next season. This decision was made to help smoothen the transition into the updated ranks.

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