Wild Rift PBE Reveals Kassadin, Sion & Samira


Wild Rift PBE Reveals Kassadin, Sion & Samira

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Dataminers have revealed new content coming to Wild Rift based on the Chinese PBE server.
Three new champions - Kassadin, Sion, and Samira may be arriving soon.
Three new Boots Enchantments as well as new skins have also been revealed.

Three new champions may be arriving soon in League of Legends: Wild Rift according to the Chinese PBE (Public Beta Environment) server of the mobile MOBA title. The three champions are Kassadin, Sion, and Samira and they are speculated to be released sometime between June and August. Three new Boots Enchantments have also been revealed as well as a new Stargazer skin for Karma and a new set of Wild Pass rewards. This new content is only available on the Chinese PBE server of Wild Rift and may receive a few changes before it gets released on the regular servers of the mobile MOBA title.

Dataminers reveal three new champions possibly arriving soon in Wild Rift

According to a Twitter post from ChowZ, a slew of new content is expected to arrive soon.

New Champions

According to the post, Kassadin, Sion, and Samira may be arriving soon. These champions have also been leaked previously along with other champions that were rumored to be arriving in patch 3.3 and 3.4 update.

Kassadin Splash Art

The expected release dates are as follows;

  • Kassadin - 28th June

  • Sion - 5th August

  • Samira - 5th August

Keep in mind that these release dates are yet to be confirmed by Riot Games.

New Boots Enchantments

Three new Boots Enchantments have also been revealed by Chowz along with a mini-rework for some existing enchantments in Wild Rift. According to a post by Warden, these are the new types of Boots Enchantments.

However, the effects for the three new enchantments - Alchemy Autoclave, Hex Magnetic Claw, and Veil of Truth are yet to be revealed.

New Wild Pass and Skins

ChowZ revealed that there will be a new Wild Pass arriving soon. However, the data miner did not reveal more details about its rewards and the exclusive skin.

Stargazer Karma as well as new Pool Party and Warring Kingdoms skins have also been revealed to be arriving soon. However, the release date is yet to be confirmed.

It should be noted that the content revealed by the data miners is yet to be confirmed by Riot Games. Fans should take this information with a grain of salt. But with all the potential content possibly coming soon to the game, Wild Rift players have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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