RENEJAY Speaks About How He Became a Mobile Legends Pro Player



RENEJAY Speaks About How He Became a Mobile Legends Pro Player

John Dave Rossel
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Renejay "RENEJAY" Barcarse reveals his journey in becoming a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports pro player.
The pro player almost got drafted to EVOS PH before but it didn't pull through.
He then applied for the tryouts for Nexplay Esports where he built his career as a Mobile Legends pro player.

One of Nexplay EVOS’ best players, Renejay "RENEJAY" Barcarse detailed his journey of becoming a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports pro player in a recent video. Through a vlog posted on 13th Aug 2021, RENEJAY explained that since he got a new camera, he will be consistently posting vlogs on his official YouTube channel. He also went on to tell his story about how he started as an average Mobile Legends player until he received an offer from EVOS PH but didn’t fully come to fruition. He then applied for the tryouts for Nexplay Esports where he built his career as a Mobile Legends pro player.

Nexplay EVOS Renejay talks about how he started his Mobile Legends esports career

In a recent vlog posted by RENEJAY on his YouTube channel, he revealed how he started his journey in becoming one of the renowned Mobile Legends players in the Philippines. The vlogger also stated that he will be consistent in his vlog posts since he recently got a new camera.

According to RENEJAY, he started as a casual Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) player, the Warcraft 3 custom map that introduced the world to the MOBA genre. He admitted that he played DOTA just for fun and he didn’t take it very seriously.

He briefly played League of Legends (LoL) during his childhood just to satisfy his curiosity and play with his classmates. RENEJAY added that LoL and Mobile Legends share a lot of similarities. The only difference is that LoL is a PC game and Mobile Legends is for mobile devices.

He got introduced to Mobile Legends by his cousin nicknamed Benjo, who taught him the basics. RENEJAY started being nostalgic and talked about the old abilities of the Mobile Legends heroes and how he was so proud of his first savage only to find out that he has been playing with bots the entire match.

Imagine this, I said ‘Jo, I’m so good at this game, I got a savage’ then when I looked at it, I was playing against computers,” stated RENEJAY .

The pro player revealed that he almost got drafted to EVOS PH because he used to play ranked games with the former EVOS PH squad. He did not mention why he wasn’t able to join EVOS PH.

RENEJAY then applied for Nexplay Esports tryouts where he went against his current mentor Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio. Dogie was impressed with his performance during the tryouts and eventually recruited RENEJAY to the Nexplay Esports lineup.

He ended his vlog by thanking his fans for supporting him to this day. He said he wanted to make something new for the fans to enjoy, which is why he is planning on releasing vlogs more consistently.

RENEJAY promised to answer questions that the fans may have in the comment section. He added that serious questions will be answered seriously.

Nexplay EVOS was originally scheduled to go against the defending champions, Blacklist International in Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8 on 14th Aug 2021. However, due to the being postponed due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines, fans will have to wait for a while to witness the action resume.

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