Analyst Midnight States That Nexplay EVOS is "Stronger" and "Ready" for MPL PH Season 8

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Analyst Midnight States that Nexplay EVOS is ready for MPL PH Season 8</p></div>
Analyst Midnight States that Nexplay EVOS is ready for MPL PH Season 8


Nexplay EVOS’ Game Analyst Midnight states that he is satisfied with his team's performance and are now ready for the MPL PH Season 8
Midnight stated that his team have been practicing with other EVOS Esports sister teams in their scrim matches.
His team has learned a lot from the scrim matches that their playstyle has changed for the better.

Nexplay EVOS’ Game Analyst Niel “Midnight” Deguzman has recently stated that his team is ready for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8. In his latest vlog, Midnight expresses his satisfaction with the team’s overall performance and has learned a lot of new things that they can use to their advantage. Although the MPL analyst did not reveal many details about Nexplay EVOS’ surprises for the upcoming league, Midnight stated that fans will have to wait for the upcoming MPL PH Season 8 tournament to find out why he thinks his team has a better chance at winning the championship title.

Nexplay EVOS is ready to compete in the MPL PH Season 8, according to Midnight

One of the prominent MPL analysts and commentators, Niel “Midnight” Deguzman, who is currently under the Nexplay EVOS’ banner, states that his team is ready to take on the other teams in the upcoming MPL PH Season 8.

He said in one of his vlogs that he and his team have learned a lot from the previously concluded Juicy Legends 2021 Q3. He also added that the team is a lot stronger than before. However, he refuses to share what they have learned from the tournament and just asked the fans to look forward to their performance in the upcoming season of MPL PH.

“I feel that we are stronger now and we also learned something big but we’ll ‘shhh’ for now,” stated Midnight.

Midnight declared that he doesn’t want to build too much hype so he is keeping it a secret for now.

“I don’t want to build hype. The issue with the team previously is that it was all just hype,” said Midnight.

The analyst then discussed how their first two matches for the upcoming MPL PH Season 8 will be very challenging. Nexplay EVOS is scheduled to go against MPL PH champions, Blacklist International for the first day, and the Juicy Legends 2021 Q3 champions, TNC Pro Team on the second day. He reassured fans that Nexplay EVOS is in very good shape so far and has surpassed his ideal rating for the team.

“Every week, I rate them individually and as a team. So now, they surpassed the ideal rating for the team,” stated Midnight. “Last week, we fought against a tough team and have learned a lot from them.”

Midnight also added that they are also doing scrim matches with other EVOS Esports sister teams which definitely helped Nexplay improve their playstyle and team chemistry. He specified that out of all the scrim matches they made, last week’s scrim matches against an unspecified team were the most crucial that it changed the way they play the game for the better.

With the MPL PH Season 8 being postponed due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines, Nexplay EVOS will have more time to polish their skills for the upcoming league. It will be interesting to see if the team will be able to use what they learned during their training and possibly take the championship title in the upcoming season of MPL PH.

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