Z4pnu Reveals That Omega Esports Didn't Have Enough Practice for the Upcoming MPL PH Season 8


Z4pnu Plans to Compensate For His Team's Lack of Practice at the Juicy Legends Tournament 2021 Q3

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Z4pnu revealed that his team has not had enough practice for the upcoming MPL PH Season 8, due to the time they had spent building their team and some players getting sick.
The pro player added that since the tournament has been postponed, the meta may change once the tournament officially starts.
To compensate for their lack of practice, they are taking advantage of the ongoing Juicy Legends Tournament 2021 Q3 and considering it as their scrim matches.

One of Omega Esports’ pro players, Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso revealed that his team has not had enough practice for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8 since they moved in from their previous organization, Execration. In his recent vlog, Z4pnu expressed that they weren’t able to practice due to their busy schedule and a few of the team’s members getting sick. Z4pnu also explained that this was why he was not able to consistently post any vlogs in the past few days. The pro player added that his squad was using the ongoing Philippine Mobile Legends tournament, Juicy Legends Tournament 2021 Q3, as their way to practice against other pro teams.

Omega Esports didn’t have enough practice or scrims ahead of the MPL PH Season 8, according to Z4pnu

According to a vlog posted on 7th Aug 2021, Z4pnu explained that since they moved into Omega Esports’ boot camp, they weren’t able to have enough practice or scrim matches to prepare for the upcoming MPL PH Season 8. The pro player also apologized for not being consistent on his vlog schedule due to him being sick.

Z4pnu also added that a lot of things may change, including the meta, especially since the MPL PH Season 8 has been postponed due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines. The pro player expressed that the tournament may start on 20th August with the playoffs lasting for only three days.

To compensate for the team’s lack of practice, the pro player stated that they will be taking advantage of the ongoing Juicy Legends Tournament 2021 and consider it as their scrim matches and learn as much as they can about the new teams like TNC Pro Team and Echo.

So, the MPL got moved to the 20th and the playoffs will only last for 3 days. It’s possible that the meta may shift after the Juicy Legends tournament, after two weeks,” stated Z4pnu. “We’ll consider this tournament as our scrim matches.

Z4pnu also stated that some of his teammates, such as Duane “Kelra” Pillas and Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog, got sick with the flu lately which made it harder for them to practice. However, despite this, Kelra continues to compete in the ongoing Juicy Legends tournament 2021.

Omega Esports was supposed to go against ONIC PH in the MPL PH Season 8 on 14th Aug 2021. However, they will now have to wait a bit longer due to the tournament being postponed with no official announcement on when it will kick off. However, this minor setback may be a blessing in disguise for Omega Esports as the members will have more time to practice and study the current meta in Mobile Legends.

The Juicy Legends Tournament 2021 Q3 is taking place from 29th July to 8th August 2021. The Pro Division features a total prize pool of PHP 220,000 ($4,344 USD) with ten teams fighting for the lions share of it.

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