PUBG: New State All Set For Global Launch Tomorrow


PUBG: New State All Set for Android and iOS Global Launch Tomorrow

The highly awaited mobile Battle Royale is finally here!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The highly anticipated sequel, PUBG: New State will be launching globally tomorrow on 11th November at 09:30 IST across both iOS and Android.
PUBG: New State will come out with a Survivor Pass that will update on a monthly basis, handing out weekly, daily, and story missions to the players.
PUBG: New State has already released a lot of content for the players, preparing them for the mobile Battle Royale which releases tomorrow.

The sequel to the original title, PUBG: New State is all set for its global launch tomorrow on 11th November at 04:00 UTC (09:30 IST) for both iOS and Android users. The developers have rolled out a lot of content related to the game in the past few months in an effort to create immense hype among fans, while also giving them a peek as to what awaits them.

Multiple Alpha Tests for different regions have also been carried out across various devices. The developer provided a first-hand experience of what the game would feel like to a handful of lucky users, while looking to improve upon all the issues found during this test phase.

Along with the game, a Survivor Pass system will also be rolled out for the players. The Survivor Pass will be updated at the end of each month. PUBG: New State through this battlepass will keep its community members engaged while also providing them with various rewards.

PUBG: New State releases globally tomorrow on iOS and Android

PUBG: New State which is set in the year 2051, revolves around a dystopian society of the city of Troi. With its core gameplay rooted close to the parent title PUBG Mobile, players will not find it too hard to get acquainted and acclimatized with the new title when they jump into their matches.

Players have already been introduced to a lot of concepts by the developers which can be used by them in the game. Some of these new features are Trunk, Recruit System, Customization Kit, Enahnaced Combat Mechanics, and Advanced Controls.

To ensure that everything shall operate smoothly and that the game is in perfect condition, a 'Technical Test' run had also been initiated by the developers in October last week. Players that had taken part in the second Alpha Test were eligible to take part in this as well.

PUBG: New State - Technical Test Announcement

PUBG: New State will be releasing for both Android and iOS devices at 09:30 AM IST tomorrow on 11th November, bringing with it a battle pass and multiple upcoming events which haven't been revealed so far.

The Survivor Pass will update every month, providing the players with daily, weekly, and story missions. Completing this will increase the pass level, through which players will earn different outfit rewards.

Each season will feature a new character from a different faction and the characters outfits can be obtained for free. The story missions will be updated weekly and the first one features Sheriff Sam Berry, who showcased as New State's main character.

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