PUBG: New State Review

PUBG: New State Review

Ahsan Kabir
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The world of gaming might be witnessing the golden era of battle royales as it continues to evolve in order to meet players’ ever-growing expectations. Over the years, we have seen some of the biggest developers redefining the genre with their own original elements, but the experience of a classic battle royale is still worshipped like a religion. Mobile gaming, which used to be considered a casual and leisurely activity, changed its outlook overnight when it was introduced to the world of competitive battle royales. Now, PUBG Mobile, which has led the revolution by introducing a classic PC battle royale experience to mobile devices, is about to release a sequel to its original game titled PUBG: New State. The game is due to release on November 11, 2021 and AFK Gaming had the opportunity to participate in its technical test. Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG: New State before the game launches.

The Plot of PUBG: New State

What really stands out first is the world of New State that the PUBG Studious has decided to explore via its core elements. PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051, revolving around a dystopian society of the city of Troi. Compared to other popular titles in the genre, it doesn’t take place in a remote future that is eons ahead, thus keeping the core gameplay rooted in its parent game while salvaging its classic and familiar experience. However, its near-future elements may seem quite overwhelming for players who like to take on fights with raw gunpower

PUBG New State Gameplay

The gameplay largely resembles the original Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds experience which is made for PC and console. There are significant changes made to the characters’ movement and gunplay when compared to PUBG Mobile. Honestly, the game feels a little slower yet much more intense. And the gunplay is way tougher than what fans were used to in PUBG: Mobile.

Interestingly, jiggle movements felt missing from PUBG: New State. Players can still move pretty fast, zigzag in the open, and stay unpredictable but the standard definition of pro movements from PUBG Mobile can’t be applied to New State. At times it feels like an entirely different game. However, some of the basics remain the same, and existing PUBG Mobile players will be able to adapt fast.

The gunplay on the other hand is poles apart. The recoil of some of the most famous guns are off the charts and the weapons that were considered deadly at long ranges seem impossible to control upon getting started. The DP-28 is one of the guns that feels very different in PUBG: New State. The scope animations for weapons are different as well and the franchise’s well admired top-tier gunplay feels more polished. A piece of advice - do not make the mistake of copying your gyro sensitivity settings from your old PUBG Mobile or BGMI account. New State’s sensitivity feels at least two times higher than what players may be used to in PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, the weapon customization options that are available in the game will create a more personalized combat experience for players where they can focus and build weapons according to their own strengths and requirements. This will also make each battle more unpredictable. For example, if you rush against an opponent who is pre-firing using an M4, under the assumption that their 40 round mag is likely to go empty soon, they can catch you by surprise with a 50 round mag upgrade.

Apart from certain tactical items that you can order with a drone, we have found the green flare gun to be the most exciting one, given that it can bring your fallen teammates back into the battlegrounds. While revival mechanics for teammates in other battle royale games are quite popular, PUBG: New State takes this a step further and lets you revive fallen opponents! You can revive a knocked-down enemy, adding them to your own team. Moreover, you can carry a maximum of five players in your squad so there’s always room for that pro opponent that can guarantee you a chicken dinner. On the other hand, if you find yourself on the receiving end of such mercy by your opponents, you can cancel being revived by making movements or by tapping the ‘Give Up’ option. Remember, once revived by your opponent, players will lose contact with their teammates during the match as they will become your new opponents. Talk about going rogue, it is going to be a battleground of betrayals once the game goes live!

Maps in PUBG: New State

The build of Troi elevates the mobile battle royale experience courtesy the developers’ keen eye for detail and well-planned environments that force players to curate different playstyles. The Mall, Exhibit Hall, and the Trailer Park were the most iconic ones. These are very likely to stage explosive hot drops for players who want to get into the action right away. Featured as the main map for New State, the developers are also going to periodically release the backstory of the map which is likely to help players dive deeper into the game’s lore..

Furthermore, vehicles are going to play an important role in Troi. From gas to electric, there is a range of vehicles to choose from. The handling of the vehicles feels much more dynamic and quite advanced for a mobile battle royale.

Erangel 2051 on the other hand looks more realistic than ever and feels like a much better presentation from the 2.0 version. The vintage style layer added to it makes the Russian fictional island more alive than ever. Given time, players may begin to like it more than the one we currently have in BGMI.

PUBG New State Device Support

Although the game aspires to push the boundaries of mobile gaming, it is quite optimized for low-end devices. We also had MAX support enabled on a low-end android device while in BGMI the same device is limited to the Ultra frame rate option only. But this doesn’t mean it is in any way lighter than PUBG Mobile. The device is going to play a crucial role in your overall gameplay experience as well, but rest assured, if you have had a satisfying experience with PUBG Mobile on your device, it is unlikely that New State will disappoint you.

Final thoughts

PUBG Mobile may keep its helm as the top classic battle royale on mobile, but how PUBG: New State has reengineered the battlegrounds with a far more tactical experience will absolutely shake the genre. This will also introduce an array of fresh new challenges for survivors while greatly rewarding those who rely more on their brains than brawns. PUBG: New State releases for Andriod on iOS on November 11, 2021. You can pre-register yourself on the Google Play or Apple App Store before the launch to get your hands on a limited edition vehicle skin for free.

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