PEL Spring 2024: Teams, Dates, Format, Prize Pool, Schedule and More

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PEL Spring 2024


The PEL Spring 2024 event will be played in three stages, Regular season, Playoffs and Finals.
One of the major changes in the event is the points system where teams will be allotted only a single point for elimination in the first and second zone as opposed to the two points that team received in previous events.

The Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) Spring 2024 is one of the major events in the Peacekeeper Elite season. Peacekeeper Elite is China’s version of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile. The details of the event have been recently revealed with some major changes in its points system. The event boasts a prize pool of approximately $2.4 Million USD. In this article we will take a look at the schedule, format, teams and more of the PEL Spring 2024 event.

PEL Spring 2024 event detailed

PEL 2024 will be held from 22nd February in an offline format. The event will have 20 franchised teams competing across the three stages in the event's Regular season, Playoffs and the Finals stage. The Regular season will be played from 22nd Feb - 21st April, the Playoffs will be played from 2nd - 5th May and the dates for the finals are yet to be revealed.

These are the 20 partnered teams participating in the PEL Spring 2024:

  • Action Culture Technology.

  • All Gamers.

  • 4 Angry Men.

  • J Team.

  • JD Esports.

  • Kone Esports.

  • LGD Esports.

  • Nova Esports.

  • Regans Gaming.

  • Showtime.

  • Six Two Eight.

  • Team Pai.

  • The Chosen.

  • Thunder Talk Gaming.

  • Tianba.

  • Titan Esports Club.

  • Tong Jia Bao Esports.

  • Weibo Gaming.

  • Wolves Esports.

  • Vision Esports.

PEL Spring 2024


Out of the 20 teams competing in the Regular season, the top 16 will move to the Finals and the bottom 16 will play the Playoffs. The teams playing the Playoffs will be given head start points and the top 12 teams will proceed to the Finals whereas the remaining 4 will be eliminated from the event. 


This is the schedule for the PEL Spring 2024:

  • Match 1: Miramar.

  • Match 2: Miramar.

  • Match 3: Sanhok.

  • Match 4: Erangel.

  • Match 5: Erangel.

  • Match 6: Erangel.

PEL  Spring 2024

Points System

One of the major changes in the PEL Spring 2024 event will be that the teams securing eliminations in the first and second circle will be awarded one point unlike the previous events where teams were awarded two points.  

Points system for PEL Spring 2024:

  • 1st place: 10 points.

  • 2nd place: 6 points. 

  • 3rd place: 5 points.

  • 4th place: 4 points.

  • 5th place: 3 points.

  • 6th place: 2 points.

  • 7th place: 1 point.

  • 8th place: 1 point. 

  • 9th - 16th place: 0 points.

  • 1 Elimination: 1 point.

Another major change in the PEL Spring 2024 event is that the elimination broadcast will be blurred. Unless a player who is knocked down is eliminated his name will not be revealed in the elimination broadcast.

Many teams in the PEL Spring 2024 event will be playing with new squads and roster changes and shall include many veteran players like Jimmy, who played for Nova Esports for four years, will now be playing against his teammates from Wolves Esports.

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