PUBG Mobile 3.1 Features Arabian Nights Theme Mode, New Air Drop Gun & More


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PUBG Mobile 3.1 Features Arabian Nights Theme Mode, New Air Drop Gun & More

Ahsan Kabir
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P90 SMG with armor-piercing ammo airsops in for intense close-quarters combat.
Arabian theme reskins Erangel landmarks and character costumes for full immersion.
Magic Carpet vehicle glides on land or flies rapidly for versatile battle tactics.

PUBG Mobile's much-anticipated 3.1 update promises to transport players into the mystical world of Arabian Nights through an array of magical themes and game features to commemorate the game's sixth anniversary. The sixth-anniversary update transfigures Erangel into an Arabian fantasy with a compelling blend of magical weapons, decorative customizations and transport options for refreshing battle royale excitement that both loyal fans and newcomers will relish.

PUBG Mobile 3.1 Update New Theme: Arabian Nights

Further enhancing the Arabian Nights experience is an extensive Erangel map reskin featuring Middle Eastern architectural elements like pointed arches, ornate accents and mosaic motifs for major landmarks and spawn locations. Even character animations have received Arabian costume skins to complete the visual transformation. An integrated night mode adds shadows and moonlit darkness into the fray for fresh tactical dynamics that require situation-adapted playstyles.

Arabian Nights theme in PUBG Mobile 3.1

Arabian Nights theme

Magic Carpet for Duo Rides

A highlight arrival is the Magic Carpet, a brand-new 2-seater vehicle that glides gracefully on Erangel’s terrain or flies at high speeds depending on the mode selected. This allows flexible racing and assault tactics despite disabled driver firing. The accompanying passenger, however, can rain fire at enemies from the skies.

Magic Carpet in PUBG Mobile 3.1

Magic Carpet

Portal Mechanics and Genie Grenade Shield

Portals will be introduced that allows tactical teleportation between preset locations to enable quick escapes or sneaky flanks against unwary enemies. Adding a magical twist are all-new fanciful items like the Genie Grenade which conjures up a genie to create a protective shield against enemy fire when thrown. The disabled firing during the flashy genie dance animation balances this strong utility.

P90 Added in Air Drops

Central to the update is the addition of the long-requested P90 SMG that will now appear in airdrop supplies. This formidable weapon will be armed with hard-to-find 5.7mm ammunition and sport armor-penetrating capabilities for incredible stopping power at close quarters. However, the built-in scope balances its strength by preventing further attachments. Players must hence strategize to make the most of the limited P90 supplies across matches.

For those longing for more bling, new upgradable weapon skins will be available like the Fearless Sheriff for M416s and other popular firearms along with special mechanisms like treasure maps and scattered trampolines to enable thrilling new in-game discoveries.

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