Nexplay Esports Announces Tryouts for New Wild Rift Roster


Nexplay Esports Announces Tryouts for New Wild Rift Roster

John Dave Rossel
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Nexplay Esports' Wild Rift roster was officially released last 12th July 2021.
The organization is now looking for potential candidates for their new and improved Wild Rift roster.
According to the organization, they are looking for promising players who can adapt to the fast-changing meta of Wild Rift.

After officially announcing the release of their Wild Rift roster on 12th July 2021, Nexplay Esports revealed that they are hosting open tryouts for potential players for their new male Wild Rift team roster. According to the organization, they are looking for promising players who can adapt to the fast-changing meta of Riot Games' mobile MOBA title. Registration is currently ongoing and the selected applicants will undergo a series of tryouts to test their capabilities and mastery of their champion pool. More information about the open tryouts for Nexplay Esports Wild Rift roster can be found below.

Nexplay Esports Hosts an Open Tryouts for New WIld Rift Roster

The organization was one of the first to jump into the WIld Rift esports scene in the Philippines. Their team has acquired numerous victories such as the SEA Icon Series 2021: Preseason - Philippines, Wild Rift Underground Season 1, and the Contender Series Asia. However, they failed to survive the PPGL 2021 Summer Split after they got taken down by Omega Esports in the playoffs, ending their season run.

Following their unsuccessful run in the PPGL 2021 Summer Split, the organization officially announced the release of their Wild Rift roster which was comprised of Miguel "Arisen" Vincent Pison, Justine "Juschie" Ritchie Tan, Aaron "Chuley" Mark Bingay, Ralph "zMitch" Soriano Alvarez, Jovannie "Ooozee" Artajo Colong, Jazzfer "Dizastr" Villahermosa.

Following the departure of their former Wild Rift players, Nexplay Esports is rebuilding its lineup once again. The organization has announced open tryouts for players who want to take a shot in pursuing their dream of being an esports pro player. Interested players can register for the tryouts through the registration form provided.

Nexplay Esports’ Head of Business Development, Rob Son, believes that the veterans with the most experience are not the only ones who can take on the big leagues, rather, it’s the pro players who are willing to adapt to meta shifts.

Wild Rift’s Competitive Scene is indeed progressing, and this progress requires every Esports Team to cope up with the current META. One cannot be lax and have to maintain progress, or you`ll get left behind. This search for young bloods would allow us to sift through the players from skillful and persevered ones, who are willing and have the capability to pursue and adapt things through including CHANGE. It’s not just the skillful ones or intelligent ones who survive, it's the one who can ADAPT!"
Rob Son, Head of Business Development, Nexplay Esports

It will be interesting to see who will be the new faces of Nexplay Esports’ Wild Rift roster and how well they will perform in future tournaments.

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