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Nexplay Esports Allegedly Parts Ways With its Wild Rift Lineup

Vignesh Raghuram
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Nexplay Esports has allegedly let go of its Wild Rift lineup according to the team's manager Taz_Run21. The team is now on the lookout for a new organization.
The Wild Rift roster included Arisen, Juschie, Chuley, zMitch, Ooozee and Dizastr.
This follows recent reports indicating that esports organizations competing in Mobile Legends’ esports circuit might have to release their Wild Rift rosters due to an exclusivity contract from Moonton.

Nexplay Esports, one of the Philippines’ biggest esports organizations, has allegedly let go of its Wild Rift lineup. This follows recent reports which claimed that esports organizations participating in Mobile Legends were forced to sign exclusivity contracts with the developer Moonton. Nexplay Esports (known for its popular Mobile Legends lineup) signed a Wild Rift squad in November 2020, indicating its desire to be a part of Riot Games’ global ecosystem for the mobile MOBA title. The former Nexplay Esports lineup is now looking for a new organization.

Nexplay Esports’ Wild Rift Team is looking for a new organization

Taz_Run21, the former Wild Rift team manager for Nexplay Esports, stated in a tweet that the team was being let go and that it is now looking for a new organization.

He also posted the team’s accomplishments which include a victory in the SEA Icon Series 2021: Preseason - Philippines, a 2nd place finish at PPGL 2021 Summer Split: Luzon North Regionals and a 5th-6th place finish at the PPGL 2021 Summer Split: Playoffs in 2021.

A few of the team’s Wild Rift players like Baron player Arisen and Support Dizastr have also posted on their social media accounts indicating that they are looking for a team.

The alleged ex-Nexplay Esports’ Wild Rift Roster:

  • Baron Laner: Miguel "Arisen" Vincent Pison

  • Jungler: Justine Ritchie "Juschie" Tan

  • Mid: Aaron "Chuley" Mark Bingay

  • Mid: Ralph "zMitch" Soriano Alvarez

  • Dragon Laner: Jovannie "Ooozee" Artajo Colong

  • Support: Jazzfer "Dizastr" Villahermosa

AFK Gaming reached out to Nexplay Esports about this matter, but the company declined to comment.

Earlier this week, Wild Rift news outlet WRCompetitive reported that esports organizations competing in Mobile Legends’ esports circuit might have to release their Wild Rift rosters due to an exclusivity contract from Moonton that would prevent them from owning esports teams in both mobile MOBA titles.

Following this, Wild Rift Esports Manager, Ban “ChisinX” Chee assured fans that they do not restrict Wild Rift SEA esports teams from participating in other esports titles, although he refrained from specifically mentioning Mobile Legends or Moonton.

CEO of Team Secret, John Yao also expressed his concern about the issue through a Facebook post. Furthermore, he also noted that Moonton's vision of Esports is very unhealthy for the overall esports ecosystem.

Esports organizations rarely sign exclusivity contracts with publishers. However, there are a few instances of esports companies trying to restrict exposure given to competing titles by their esports athletes. In 2013, LCS contracts reportedly prohibited League of Legends players from streaming competing games. After public backlash, this clause was later removed.

Moonton and other related organizations are yet to issue a public statement about this matter.

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