MPL SG Season 4 Week 1 Day 2 Matches Postponed due to Technical Issues


MPL SG Season 4 Week 1 Day 2 Matches Postponed Due to Technical Issues

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MPL SG postponed matches in Week 1 Day 2 and moved them to Week 4 instead.
The decision was made due to unexpected technical issues which plagued the first game between RSG SG and Stellark.
Stellark takes the win on the first game of the series while the match will continue on 25th September to determine the series winner.

The second day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Singapore (SG) Season 4 has been postponed due to technical reasons. The issue occurred during the match between RSG SG and Stellark. It was abruptly paused but due to unresolved technical difficulties. The match was considered a “Force Majeure” and the first win was given to Stellark as per the official rules of the MPL PH Season 4. The match series has been postponed and will be continued on Week 4 of the regular season. The league also posted an updated schedule for the matches from the second week to the fourth week of the tournament.

RSG SG vs Stellark match postponed due to unresolved technical difficulties

The first round of the series between RSG SG and Stellark was met with an unfortunate issue at the 22-minute mark. Just when Stellark was about to close the game with a final push in the mid-lane, the game was paused due to a complaint on the side of RSG PH.

After a long wait, the league officially called the first game a “Force Majeure”. The game could no longer be continued because it had been paused for more than seven minutes.

According to the MPL SG guidelines and as per the following ruling on 10.5.6 "Force Majeure," Stellark would receive the win for the first game of the series due to having a dominant performance in the match.

The MPL SG Rule 10.5.6 states the following;

“In an event where force majeure happens during the Game, the game cannot be continued, and if the game has passed a duration of 00:07:00, the winner will be decided by points. The points are tabulated based on objectives secured, such as turtle kill, lord kill, and so forth. The winner is identified when the difference of the calculated points is over 15 points.”

According to a post from MPL SG, the match postponement was due to audio and server issues. While the server problems were eventually fixed, the committee decided to push back the matches of Week 1 Day 2 and move them to Week 4 instead.

Here is the new schedule for the MPL SG Season 4;

  • Week 2: 10th-11th September

  • Week 3: 17th-18th September

  • Week 4: 24th-25th September

The match between RSG SG and Stellark will continue on 25th September where the two teams shall play the second game and determine the winner of the series.

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