MPL PH Season 10 Updates Matches for Earlier Schedules


MPL PH Season 10 Updates Match Timings to Start Sooner in the Day

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The MPL PH Season 10 Schedules have been updated.
Matches will now start sooner in the day to make way for longer match series.
Matches on Friday and Sunday will start on 5:00 PM (PHT) and matches on Saturday will start on 2:30 PM (PHT).

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10 match schedules have been updated and the upcoming matches shall commence sooner in the day. According to the league, this change was made to ensure fans would get the best viewing experience for both the live broadcast and the on-stage venue. This was done to make way for prolonged matches in case the series reached three rounds.

Starting on the fifth week of the MPL PH Season 10 regular season, matches will be held a bit earlier. Matches will commence on Friday and Sunday starting at 5:00 PM (PHT) and Saturday at 2:30 PM (PHT).

MPL PH Season 10 Week 5 new schedule

In the previous weeks of the regular season, some fans and pro players shared their concerns regarding the matches lasting too long or getting delayed and that fans would go home very late from the venue.

In response to this, the league committee decided to update the match schedules such that the matches commence earlier to make time for longer matches or unexpected delays.

“For better watching experience, matches will start early starting this Sunday!” captioned MPL PH on its official Facebook post.

The updated match schedules are listed below (dates and timings are as per PHT);

Day 1 (9th September - Friday)

  • RSG PH vs Omega Esports - 5:00 PM

  • Nexplay EVOS vs Blacklist International - 7:40 PM

Day 2 (10 September - Saturday)

  • Bren Esports vs ONIC PH - 2:30 PM

  • TNC Pro Team vs Nexplay EVOS - 5:00 PM

  • Blacklist International vs Omega Esports - 7:40 PM

Day 3 (11th September - Sunday)

  • TNC Pro Team vs Bren Esports - 5:00 PM

  • ONIC PH vs ECHO - 7:40 PM

The schedules will follow the earlier timings in the following weeks as well until the MPL PH Season 10 regular season concludes. With the new schedule, more fans will be able to cheer for their favorite terms without having to worry about going home too late.

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