MPL Caster Mirko Responds to Z4pnu's Statement Regarding Indonesian MLBB Teams


MPL Caster Mirko Responds to Z4pnu's Statement Regarding Indonesian MLBB Teams

John Dave Rossel
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MPL ID Caster Mirko shared his thoughts regarding Z4pnu's statement on Philippines teams being stronger than Indonesian teams in MLBB.
According to Mirko, winning scrim sessions does not necessarily mean a team is stronger.
Mirko stated that Z4pnu was just indulging in some friendly banter.

Omega Esports’ pro player Billy "Z4pnu" Jazha Alfonso previously made a bold statement saying that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams from the Philippines (PH) are stronger than Indonesian (ID) teams, according to their scrim sessions. Following this, Indonesian fans began flooding Z4pnu’s social media handles, criticizing him for his statement. MLBB Professional League (MPL) Indonesia caster, Handy “Mirko” Loho addressed the situation through one of his livestreams, saying that winning scrim sessions does not always denote the strength of teams. The caster also explained that it’s probably just a form of psychological warfare in preparation for the upcoming MLBB Southeast Asia (SEA) Cup 2022.

Mirko addresses Z4pnu’s hot takes on the PH vs ID argument

Z4pnu is currently under fire due to his bold statements regarding the Indonesian MLBB teams being dominated by amateur Philippines teams in scrim sessions. The pro player seems to enjoy the attention and made a post on Instagram with the caption “Please don’t cry” which was bombarded with comments from Indonesian MLBB fans.

Z4pnu's Instagram post calling out haters.

Following this, one of the MPL ID’s popular casters, Mirko shared his thoughts on Z4pnu’s statements which caused quite the ruckus in the MLBB ID community. According to Mirko “In my personal opinion, you can’t really determine your skill based on just scrims.”

He gave an example by stating that RRQ Hoshi dominated Blacklist International during scrim sessions but the results were the opposite during the M3 World Championship. He believes that the data acquired through scrim sessions is not enough to back Z4pnu’s statements.

“It’s all [going to] unveil itself in the tournament. If Indonesia wins then they win. If PH wins then, yeah, PH wins,” stated Mirko.

The MPL caster added that Z4pnu was probably just making friendly banter and Indonesian fans just took it the wrong way. “I think it’s been completely overblown as well in Indonesia. I feel like it’s just things you say to Psywar [Psychological Warfare], right?,” explained Mirko.

Despite Z4pnu’s bold statements regarding Indonesian teams, Mirko thinks that teams from the two regions are still friends. “RRQ [Hoshi], Blacklist International, and ONIC PH became good friends in M3 [World Championship]. I’m pretty sure that the Omega [Esports] players should be good friends with RRQ and ONIC [Esports] as well when they meet in MSC [2022],” the MPL caster said.

The upcoming 31st SEA Games is set to kick off on 12th May and the MSC 2022 shall commence on 11th June. These tournaments may finally settle this grand debate of which is the mightier region between Indonesia and the Philippines in MLBB esports.

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