MLBB M3 Estes Blacklist Sentinel Skin Leaked

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MLBB M3 Estes Blacklist Sentinel Skin Leaked


Blacklist International's M3 World Championship skin has been leaked by data miners.
The skin is named "Estes Blacklist Sentinel."
Moonton is yet to reveal the release date and price for the skin.

The highly anticipated Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M3 World Championship skin has been leaked. According to data miners, the skin is named Estes Blacklist Sentinel and features a color design which is a mix of Gold, Black, and White. This shall be the third M-World Series skin to be released after Harith EVOS Legends and Lancelot Bren Esports. The new skin’s visual effects and release dates are yet to be revealed. However, the release may work similarly to the previous M-World Series skins where it would be released with a special pre-sale offer that gives players up to a 50% discount after completing specific tasks.

First look at the Estes Blacklist Sentinel Skin in MLBB

The upcoming skin is arguably one of the most-awaited skins for fans of Blacklist International, the powerhouse MLBB team of the Philippines. After months of silence, data miners have uncovered a splash art, giving players a sneak peek at what to expect when the skin officially arrives on the regular server.

According to the data miner Hero Pofa, the upcoming Estes skin will not follow the usual name format of the previous M-World Series skins. Instead, it shall be named “Estes Blacklist Sentinel.”

MLBB Estes Blacklist Sentinel Skin Preview

Moonton was previously criticized by fans and esports organizations as the publisher allegedly stated that an Estes skin is not marketable. This resulted in backlash from the MLBB community where various esports organizations and MLBB personalities shared their opinions regarding the issue.

An official statement by Moonton was then posted later confirming that Estes shall receive the M3 Blacklist International skin.

What is the release date for Estes Blacklist Sentinel?

The release date for the upcoming M3 Estes Blacklist Sentinel skin is yet to be revealed. However, similar to other World Champion skins, it may be released before the upcoming M4 World Championship kicks off on 1st January 2023.

Fans can also expect a pre-sale event for the M3 Estes Blacklist Sentinel skin. In the previous pre-sale event for the Lancelot Bren Esports skin, players stood a chance to have up to a 50% discount based on how many players participated in the server-wide event.

Bren Esports Skin Pre-sale event


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